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Ruskin Felix Consulting becomes the leading blockchain consulting firm in the Cryptoverse with more than 50 projects worked on

Ruskin Felix Consulting becomes the leading blockchain consulting firm in the Cryptoverse with more than 50 projects worked on

Ruskin Felix Consulting LLC has become one of the leading blockchain consulting firms. They have worked on complex tokenomics, business models and Web 3.0 Projects. With over 50 projects covered in the last 12 months alone, they are one of the most sought-after firms in Blockchain strategic consulting.

Ruskin Felix consulting is proud to announce that we have successfully worked with more than 50 projects in 2022 and have opened a specialized division to work with other blockchain clients in the space. Currently, the services provided by RF for digital assets consist of Business strategy, Platform development, Game development, Coin distribution and supply management, Risk mitigation plan, Capital raising, Valuation services, Tokenomics, game design document, launching of the cryptocurrency, IDOS, STO/ICO planning and technical project execution and social media marketing.

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Investor Pitch Deck – MindKite

Ruskin Felix Consulting LLC partnered with MindKite – a social platform where mental well-being matters, to create an investor pitch deck highlighting the overview, and working of the business, B2B benefits of the company, B2C benefits, and the functioning of the business. The pitch deck also helps in understanding the market trends, operations plan, financial projections, and investor information. 

MindKite, is the global community for inspiration, motivation, and wellbeing. It provides a safe, new social media space without the usual obligations of most social media platforms. The MindKite app focuses on mental well-being through interactive and engaging content. MindKite gives access to a personal daily diary to encourage improved lifestyle and planning. Daily motivational videos to motivate, uplift, and positively improve the outlook. Mindkite app also offers a positivity-driven newsfeed.

The problems that MindKite is trying to address are:

  • The phenomenon and attraction of social media apps & platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram & Twitter have taken the world, including the UK by storm. It is estimated that 45 million of the UK’s population are social media subscribers. 
  • However, although millions of clients enjoy their social media experience, substantial numbers are now realizing that the pressure to include and respond to pictures, likes friend requests, and increase follower counts can be the cause of severe anxiety, leading to a detrimental effect on their wellbeing and mental health.

Their solution includes:

  • Engaging and inspiring daily motivational videos, quotes, and voice notes presented by well-known celebrities and familiar faces on the motivational and inspirational speaking scene.
  • Tailored monthly wellbeing section with a variety of cutting-edge wellbeing content including, meditation sessions, stress relief, yoga, at-home exercise classes, mentoring, coaching, mental health aids, and podcasts.
  • A news feed and platform that does not include likes, follower counts & friend requests thus eliminating many of the causes behind social media anxiety and the constant need to compare lives with others. The news feed will promote a positive environment and safe open forum with support from other users and the MindKite team.

The roadmap of the project is as follows:

  • October 2021 – The official launch of the MindKite app is planned to coincide with: World Mental Health Day, which takes place October 10th, 2020.
  • 2023 – In a 2 Year period we plan to take the application into the hands of 310k+ users on the public market and have secured contracts/licensing agreements with a minimum of 3 major corporations to implement the App for their staff.
  • 2026 – The planned expansion of the MindKite Brand and App to various countries around the world with a focus on the United States of America, Europe, Australia, and Indian Markets with a total projected Userbase of 20 million users

Investor Pitch Deck – MBM Management & Consulting LLC

Ruskin Felix Consulting LLC partnered with MBM Management & Consulting LLC, to create an investor pitch deck highlighting the overview, and working of the business, B2B benefits of the company, B2C benefits, and the functioning of the business. The pitch deck also helps in understanding the market trends, operations plan, financial projections, and investor information. 

They are a Montana Based Limited Liability Company with an exclusive management agreement with CannaConnection LLC (A licensed Marijuana Provider firm in Montana). They provide Quality Marijuana for medical and therapeutic benefits.” They also entered the recreational marijuana industry which has been voted in by 57% margin on November 3, 2020.

They are strategically placed to provide such marijuana both for medical and recreational purposes in Montana and in the US at later stages. The Montana Cannabis market is expected to hit $400 Million within a few years.

There is to become a Market leader in Medicinal Marijuana Production and revenue in the Montana Market and other US Markets.  To become a Market leader in Recreational Marijuana Production and revenue in the Montana Market and other US Markets. High Quality and scalable operations to provide all types of Marijuana based products including expansion by way of licenses as a Marijuana Provider.

Through their strategic partner Canna Connection LLC and their expertise, they wish to gain their part of the $400 Million potential Cannabis market in Montana and expand further into the market through operations and market-focused products.

Investor Information:

  • Company Overall Valuation: USD $7 Million
  • Available for Sale: 40% of Stake in MBM LLC

Investor Classes:

  • 1 Unit block – USD $75,000
  • 10 Unit block – USD $700,000
  • 40 Unit block – USD $2,800,000

Mode of Ownership: Equity Stake in Company

Type of Participation: Passive

Point of contact: CFO – Philip ‘Marc’ Hays

Documents available on Request

Investor Pitch Deck – The Upside Space

Ruskin Felix Consulting LLC partnered with The Upside Space, to create an investor pitch deck highlighting the overview, and working of the business, B2B benefits of the company, B2C benefits, and the functioning of the business. The pitch deck also helps in understanding the market trends, operations plan, financial projections, and investor information. 

A curator-led online art platform that will integrate businesses into the digital economy through NFT-based assets. They aim to bring a revolution in the NFT space by democratizing NFTs and making them accessible to each individual and enthusiast. They wish to integrate Real and digital world worlds through various Mediums and mechanisms. Businesses should be able to garner this resource and provide better quality products to their customers through loyalty programs and loyalty.

  • Democratizing NFTs – Integrating the Real and digital world by providing global accessibility.
  • Disruptive Technology – Marrying analog or digital art with disruptive technology 
  • Art Ecosystem – Building a fair, accessible, more transparent & ecosystem in digital space with the highest security level

The key features of the app include: 

  • Curated – They want to offer curators and artists who are new to this space a chance to explore it in the most supportive way possible.
  • B2B Partnerships – The focus will remain on leveraging B2B partnerships for fashion, apparel brands, and businesses with loyalty-based membership programs
  • Exclusive NFT Collections – Selective quality collections curated by globally recognized Artists
  • Democratization Of NFTs – We aim to bridge the gap between analog and digital art by making NFTs accessible to all. Users will be able to buy NFTs from the loyalty points available to them as well.

As per the Projected userbase and projections, the project will be valued at $287.2 Million. With a 25% range, the valuation on a 5 Year-forward basis is $258 million – $316 Million. Pre-Money Valuation: With a total projected DCF value of $169 Million, The Pre-Money Valuation of the TUS will be $24 Million. The total raise for the project is expected at $7.2 million.

The roadmap of the project is as follows:

  • Q1-Q2 2022 – MVP creation and product planning.
  • Q3 2022 – Official Launch of Portal with the Main exhibition – August Launched in 7 countries.
  • Q3 2022 – 3 Primary Exhibitions with 4-8 Artists in each Exhibition and Initiate B2B business with generative art.
  • Q4 2022 – Introduce Institutional Partnership with Music NFTs While organizing 7-8 exhibitions across the Quarter. 
  • 2023 – Integrated scaling of operations with Presence in 50 countries.
  • 2024 – Achieving market leader status in Niche and B2B NFT Industry.

Investor Pitch Deck – Echoes of Space

Ruskin Felix Consulting LLC partnered with Echoes of Space, to create an investor pitch deck highlighting the overview, and working of the business, B2B benefits of the company, B2C benefits, and the functioning of the business. The pitch deck also helps in understanding the market trends, value additions, design processes, and service verticals.

Most people who want to design or update their space don’t know where to start, have the time to brainstorm and shop, or even know what their personal style is, to begin with. Former principal designer Pria Rajput created Echoes of Space out of personal and business needs.

She understood the struggles of additional fees of designing space and shopping for furniture, no set process for guidelines, and hard to justify design without a visualization. Gives designers a platform to interact with each other to share their creative work and ask questions, giving them a community to learn and grow. The Echoes of Space platform reflects and solves these common problems by connecting people to experienced designers and acting as a shopping portal for them to buy all their newly recommended furniture in one click.

Echoes of Space is the next digital movement for the Real estate industry. Echoes of Space was created to accommodate user budgets with their competitive pricing for 3D rendering packages and cut all the associated fees that come with hiring a designer in-house. 

Their value additions include: 

  • Saves Time & Money – 3D renderings enable a designer to customize and identify possible mistakes in a layout. Project Approval can be done by all stakeholders.
  • Comprehensive 3d Renders – With 3D renderings, interior designers can develop presentations, virtual reality views, animated videos in 3D spaces, 360-degree photos and videos, and 3D walkthroughs.
  • 100% Customer Satisfaction – With 3D renderings, designers can illuminate real-life depictions of objects with the help of distinctive lights and shadows as well as lively hues.
  • Boost Sales and Conversion – 3D interior renderings can positively influence stakeholders or buyers by depicting every micro detail of an interior project. Best for Luxury design projects.

Their renderings show you the position of the structural components, furniture, appliances, and the tool to shop the interior items or similar items directly from the final rendering of one’s proposed space. 

Their design process includes:

  • Conceptualization – prepare the complete concept of the design through 3D modeling.
  • Final rendering – Complete the final model and 3D render.
  • Shop products – shop the products directly from the renders through their online store.

Their service verticals include:

  • Residential interior
  • Residential exterior
  • Commercial interior
  • Hospitality interior

Investor Pitch Deck –

Ruskin Felix Consulting LLC partnered with – Pakistan’s No. 1 travel app, to create an investor pitch deck highlighting the overview, and working of the business, B2B benefits of the company, B2C benefits, and the functioning of the website. The website’s features, authentication, services, partners, and financial viability. – ticketing platform, Pakistan’s No. 1 E-ticketing Platform:

  • Leading choice for Travel Operators and Passengers alike.
  • Digitizing bus companies and offering exclusive fares for our users along with multiple digital payment options.
  • Services ranging from bus travel, airline, hotel booking, cargo services, and event ticketing.
  • User-friendly app, multiple API integrations.
  • Exceptional customer service.

Their vision is to become the biggest digitizer of the Pakistan Ticketing and Booking Industry. Their USP is their Pricing Policy, which is extremely discount-driven, which will help them build a dominant market share in the travel and tourism Industry. Their business verticals include Travel, Tourism, Entertainment, Car Pooling, and Logistics. 

Their service ranges from Bus ticketing to Blockchain. Some of their prominent service offerings include:

  • Bus Ticketing – Biggest Network of Buses for E-ticketing as a Platform.
  • Airlines – Network with All Airlines for Online Booking & Ticketing.
  • Cinema – E-tickets available for all major theatres and shows across Pakistan.
  • Hotels – Bookings, and vacations available for a network of Hotels & Resorts.
  • Blockchain & AI – Blockchain Driven Platform for API Integration to Manage Data as Resource.
  • Events & Experiences – Ticketing for Events & Experiences for Entertainment and Leisure.

In 2020, Bookme successfully closed a pre-series A round of a half a million USD with Lakson Venture Capital (Lakson VC). Lakson Group is one of Pakistan’s leading business conglomerates. Established in 1954 the group manages industry leaders in the following sectors: agri-business, call centers, consumer non-durables, fast food, financial services, media print, technology, and travel. 

Project – Wetra – Blockchain

Ruskin Felix Consulting LLC partnered with Wetra to prepare a whitepaper that highlights the project overview, background, opportunity, challenges and competitive analysis. The report details the solutions with respect to the channels marketplace, trade display, feedback and rating, exchange interoperability, fiat connectivity, stop-loss protection, expert portal, rewards and incentives. The report also emphasizes on the token topology which comprises of the subscription fees, token discounting, and trading fees. The report provides details of the business model, marketing and technology which is important to understand the scale of operations of the project. 

The Wetra platform provides users the ability to enjoy cryptocurrency trading based on following experts according to the expert portfolios and tips. Experts set up channels and users subscribe to the signals that allow them to trade and benefit from the knowledge of these experts. Unlike other trading platforms, the users don’t need to learn about each cryptocurrency and make their own assessments — rather they can simply trade according to the signals of the experts to get similar results. Unlike crypto index funds or algorithmic trading, the Wetra platform provides a variety of assets. Users can subscribe to multiple channels for different portfolio allocations.

The Wetra is a non-custodial platform, which means that Wetra does not hold any user funds on the platform. The traders and participants use their already existing wallets and cryptocurrency exchanges through an API connectivity that allows the Wetra platform to connect between the channel signals and the existing portfolios of the participants on the platform. This also eliminates all custodial risk from Wetra because the platform doesn’t operate as an exchange itself. Platform users get to continue with the wallets they already have, and use decentralized as well as centralized exchanges.

Wetra allows users to stay with the exchanges and wallets that the users already hold. Wetra does not carry any custodial risk, because all trades are implemented through the users’ accounts on the centralized and decentralized exchanges that they already use. Users maintain full control of their cryptocurrency assets and wallets, and simply pay monthly subscriptions for the channels they choose. The channels broadcast signals to the Wetra users, allowing them to manually or automatically execute trades that copycat the experts they follow. Wetra recruits top crypto experts to the platform by providing them an easy and direct way to create extra income. Experts receive 80% of the subscription fees, without any need for additional advertising, promotion, or creation of online products and courses. The best traders receive additional monthly rewards for their performance.

WTRA shall only be made available for purchase through its token sale or on the secondary exchange market. Wetra will create 500,000,000 (500 million) total WTRA.

Project – Survival Civilization – Blockchain

Ruskin Felix Consulting LLC partnered with the survival civilization to prepare a whitepaper that highlights the industry overview and provides us a brief of the game. The report sheds light on the business model, revenue model and the survival civilization gameplay. The report tries to explain the tokenomics, token segmentation, and the coin circulation plan. The report emphasizes on the token summary by explaining the token utility, NFT marketplace, and the gem coin utility. 

The game Survival civilization is a real-time, multiplayer and 4x strategy game (Explore, Expand, Exploit, Exterminate) set in a mirroring world. This game also has some simulation elements. It has both strategy and adventure modes. The players will start the game on their real Map based on their location preference in the signing up process. 

Their Vision is to change the narrative of Real-time strategy games completely. We plan to execute this vision by focusing on integrating the blockchain and mobile gaming industries. Their primary goal is to deliver customer satisfaction in terms of visual quality and special features in the game. They also aim to integrate this into a blockchain-based metaverse environment and thus, they want gaming to be a source of entertainment and income for everyone involved.

Survival Civilization will initially be available on iOS and Android and will be released in 2023. In this game, players will be able to implement their strategies in a highly engaging RTS-based game with resource management, a dynamic trading marketplace and socially focused overall gameplay. Players will also be able to interact with the game mechanics and earn and utilize NFTs across the game as assets and earn use and trade tokens in-game to create a self-sustaining economy.

The project will look to reward players for playing the Survival Civilization game through in-game rewards and earnings. Players who continue to stay engaged with the game and create further assets will be able to earn the $GEM coins in the game. Each level increase, up-gradation of structures, and winning the bounty will help the player earn $GEM coins. These detailed actions will be outlined in the gameplay.

These coins will then be convertible to SVIC token, which can then be used by the players for all token utilities, including but not limited to:

  • Buy and Sell Land Assets
  • Buy and Sell Secondary NFT assets and collections
  • Stake the NFT assets
  • Stake the Primary SVIC coin

Project – SolGods – Blockchain

Ruskin Felix Consulting LLC partnered with SolGods to prepare a whitepaper that highlights the SolGods platform, concept and the project summary. The report shed light on the project plan by laying emphasis on the NFT staking, Lottery system, Faction war and building bases. The report talks about the tokenomics and business model by providing details of the sources of revenue, coin distribution plan and the roadmap for the project. The report provides details of the core platform modules which comprise of the integrated P2E platform, inter-connected NFT collections and the NFT marketplace. 

The Sol Gods NFT collection is a set of NFTs that have been launched in the market to build a strong community that holds, earns, and grows through the engagement and development done on the NFTs and its Platform. The company will look to also create an exclusive NFT marketplace for itself, which will enable users to transact with the other unitholders and community for buying and selling transactions. The company also plans to launch 2 further collections, ensuring adequate flow and hype to sustain further community engagement on the Platform. The collections that have been launched are as follows:

  • SolGods
  • Fractures

Gods and Fractures can be sent to ‘meditate’ (In effect – Stake). They can be sent for 1 month, 3 months or 6 months. The more extended periods are incentivized by yielding a higher staking return rate. All Pay-outs will be made weekly – for 7 days.

There will be a lottery available to all NFT holders every week twice. All token holders will be able to buy a ticket in the same by utilizing $GOD tokens. The lottery winners will have the opportunity to earn NFTs from the other Launched collections (Bridged & Forgotten). This lottery will be conducted twice every week. The price for the ticket will be 100 $GOD token. The project will also continue to add further value additions in the lottery. Gods and Fractures go into ‘Meditation’ to earn the gaming token, $GOD. Users can pay $GOD to send Bridged on quests. Bridged will return after 5 days (25%). In return, The Bridged will have a bounty of gathered items. 

Some of the key sources of revenue for this project are as follows:

  • Digital Assets Sale – NFTs: The digital assets sale of all the NFT collections will be the initial form of revenue for the company. This will also include the overall fee being expended to develop these NFTs through missions and quests on the Platform.
  • NFT Minting Fee: NFT assets can also be created by developing and minting NFTs. To mint these NFTs, the owners would need to expend a particular value of tokens. This will be referred to as the NFT minting fee for assets.
  • Transaction Revenue – NFT Marketplace: All transactions through the NFT marketplace will be charged with a set fee of 3% a transaction fee. This value will then be put back into circulation through the liquidity pool or taken out of the overall token supply.

Investor Pitch Deck – RPay

Ruskin Felix Consulting LLC partnered with RPay – a digital wallet solution to create an investor pitch deck highlighting the overview, and working of the mobile wallet, B2B benefits of the business, B2C benefits, and the functioning of the mobile app. The features, authentication, security, technology stack, and the process of acquiring R Pay are also highlighted in the pitch deck. 

R Pay is a digital payment solution, designed specifically for organizations to organize the payment processes and control the movement of funds and the removal of cash easily and securely. Digital Payments are turning into a standard in a ton of nations. It’s the ideal time for any business to join the rebellion. R Pay provides digital wallet technology, software with different UI designs, a user-friendly interface, eye-catching color combinations, and astonishing mobile app designs. R Pay provides features like hassle-free signup, loading and sending money, withdrawing cash, paying merchants, buying tickets, instant notification, limited liability, etc. R Pay helps one to be free from the limitations of cash with the best in-class digital payment service.

R Pay is feature rich with simple to utilize interface and they have trained developers and designers, who are ready to corporate to client contemplations and push one’s business to the zenith. It is unequivocally expressed that as an issue of strategy we do not plan sites indistinguishable from some other. They just outline every new site with similar functionality. R Pay gives its clients a completely utilitarian service wallet to fill their hearts with joy today lives are simple and safe. 

R Pay is a secure digital wallet that empowers individuals, as well as businesses, to take full control and manage their finances anytime, anywhere. It enables all financial operations; sending, receiving, and managing money directly through their mobile app. R pay to support all kinds of online and offline POS. We provide payment confirmation on POS, configurable for QR scanners, and customers can pay. 

Investor Pitch Deck – Huron Wholesale Supply

Ruskin Felix Consulting LLC partnered with Huron Wholesale Supply to create a corporate profile of the company by highlighting the overview of the company, and the products and services offered by them. 

Huron Wholesale has been one of Michigan’s top suppliers of wholesale commercial construction building materials for over 25 years. They carry an extensive inventory of everything from frames, doors to ceiling tile, and everything in-between. They also stock a lot of hard-to-find items that one will not find at their typical big box store. They work closely with a huge variety of products and companies in various segments. 

  • Doors and mirrors – Their offering includes a full complement of metal doors and frames that meet the important requirements-from fire-rated cores to energy cost savings.
  • Frames – Their hollow metal frames are designed for standard and heavy-duty applications and are perfect for a wide array of application in commercial, multi-family, industrial and institutional buildings. 
  • Ceilings – The ceilings and walls one creates in a space are more than mere surfaces. They offer aesthetic beauty that inspires creativity and contributes to well-being in offices, schools, medical facilities, hotels, and more. They offer acoustic benefits that help workers focus, students learn, and patients heal.
  • Suspension systems – Their Our re-engineered suspension systems are faster and easier to install than ever. With input from contractors and field installers, they have redesigned their acoustical suspension systems to create complete grid solutions that saves one time and money.
  • Bathroom – Their washroom accessories include a combination of towel and waste units, sanitary napkins or tampon vendors, soap dispensers, mirrors, paper towel dispensers, waste receptacles, and hand dryers. 
  • Security – They provide some of the leading security solutions for both retail and business use. Their hardware products include a range of keypad locks, smart locks, smart deliver box, front door bundles, smart cabinet lock, patio door locks, door lock hardware, accessories and safes. 

They offer a complete range of access solutions making people feel safe and secure in simple and convenient ways with products in areas such as mechanical and electromechanical locking, access control, identification technology, entrance automation, security doors, hotel security and mobile access.

  • Hardware & accessories– Some of the Key products available are Mechanical Locks, Exit Devices, Surface Door Closers, Electrified Solutions, IC Cores, Cylinders, Master Key Systems, Deadbolts, Sliding Barn Door Hardware, Commercial Hinges, Flat Goods, General Hardware, Electronic & Electrified, Locksets, Hinges, Pivots, Thresholds and weather sets. 

Comprehensive Financial Modeling Portfolio

Ruskin Felix Consulting LLC prepared a financial modeling portfolio to highlight the viability of the NFT project by emphasizing on the MVP development, Pre-development cost, user acquisition, gaming platform, NFT and the annual costs. The model also highlights the virtual token value ratio and the PVP match fees, and in-game ads revenue. The modeling portfolio sheds light on the active users of the game and the market capitalization. To understand the financial viability of the game, the model highlights the initial fee of the game, transaction revenue and the total revenue. The model also provides details on the value of the project.

The overall platform revenue consists of the initial fee, transactional fee, NFT platform fee, PVP match fee and the platform ad revenue. The total revenue of the platform is estimated at $7.7 million for 2022 and is expected to grow at an average of 419% for the next 5 years. The operating expense for the platform consists of marketing cost, admin expenses, finance expenses, legal expenses, IT expenses, development expense, R&D, office expenses, and HR cost. The total operating expense for 2022 is $3.1 million and is expected to grow at an average rate of 211% for the next five years. The capital expense of the platform consists of the pre-development cost of $0.3 million. 

The platform depicts a positive cash flow from 2022 onwards. The cash flow for 2022 is valued at $4.5 million and is expected to grow at an average rate of 388% for the next five years. The firm is valued at $6.7 billion based on the FCFF method of valuation and the projected IRR – FCFF based is valued at 1335.93%. hence the overall projected value of the company coin inclusive is estimated at $5.1 billion. 

Comprehensive Financial Model – Niks Technology Limited

Ruskin Felix Consulting LLC partnered with Niks Technology Limited to draft a prospectus which contains certain conventions, use of financial information and market data and currency of financial presentation. The prospectus also emphasizes on the objects of issue, basis for issue price and statement of possible tax benefits. The prospectus provides a detailed analysis of the industry, the business, key industry regulations and policies, history of the company and certain other corporate matters, the promoters of the company and the promoter group, and the dividend policy. The prospectus sheds light on the key financial information of the company and the financial condition and results of the company. 

They started their operations way back in the year 2014 in the name of Niks Technology Private Limited. They are an IT solution services enabling company implementing standard practices and maintaining quality services across all verticals; they are committed to deliver high quality services like Digital Marketing, Software development, mobile app development, website development, moreover they provide classroom training and certification courses to students during their summer and winter breaks. This training has been provided through online and offline mode. 

They continuously evolve their services and customize their offerings as per the need of their clients. Their evaluation team ensures adaptation of the best-of-breed tools and technologies for effective Service to their clients. Niks with its foundation pillars as Innovation, Information and Intelligence is exploring indefinitely as a Technology Service Provider and as a Training Organization. Innovator of Technologies. Their company believes in the phrase “Innovation as key to future” and they have been keeping pace with modernization in all spheres of development, and marketing, emphasis on quality & client satisfaction. 

A review of operations for the period ended April 1, 2020, to January 31, 2021, reveals the following results. The total revenue is ₹27.66 Lakhs for the period from April 01, 2020, to January 31, 2021. The revenue from operations is ₹27.66 Lakhs for the period from April 01, 2020, to January 31, 2021, which consists of sale of services, tuition fees and Govt. Subsidy Received. The total expenses excluding finance cost, depreciation and tax expenses is ₹5.98 Lakhs for the period from April 01, 2020, to January 31, 2021. The cost of operations is ₹0.23 Lakhs for the period from April 01, 2020, to January 31, 2021, which is 0.83% of total revenue.

The profit before tax is ₹20.10 Lakhs which is 72.67% of total revenue. Their profit after tax was ₹14.31 Lakhs for the for the period from April 01, 2020, to January 31, 2021, which is 51.74% of total revenue. The profit before tax increased by 4756.00% to ₹11.64 Lakhs for the financial year 2019-20 from ₹ (0.25) Lakhs for the financial year 2018-19. Their profit after tax increased by 4627.78% to ₹8.15 Lakhs for the financial year 2019-20 from ₹0.18 Lakhs for the financial year 2018-19, reflecting a net increase of ₹8.33 Lakhs. 

The net cash generated from operating activities was ₹29.18 Lakhs for the period ended January 31, 2021. The operating profit before working capital changes was ₹21.68 Lakhs for the financial year 2019-20 which was primarily adjusted against increase in trade receivables of ₹3.52 Lakhs, increase in short term loans & advances of ₹1.37 Lakhs, increase in other current assets of ₹2.11 Lakhs, increase in other current liabilities of ₹18.13 Lakhs and tax payment of ₹3.62 Lakhs.

Comprehensive Valuation Report – Forefront Protection group – Australia

Ruskin Felix Consulting LLC partnered with Jay Lark – a security services company, to understand the financial viability and the valuation of the company. The report highlights the services revenue bifurcation, and NPV of future cash flows. This report also highlights a comprehensive business assessment, industry details and the trend analysis. To understand the financial projections of the company, the report also sheds light on the revenue assessment, revenue projection, cost assessment, and cost projection. The report also sheds light on the financial metrics to value the company by analyzing the enterprise value. 

The security industry in Australia generates around $6 billion in revenue. There are in excess of 6000 security businesses around the country, with over 54 000 workers. The sector includes several major companies as well as many smaller operators. It is not uncommon for several the smaller operators in the industry to have commenced as security guards themselves. QLD, NSW and VIC account for approximately 78.8% of industry revenue due to higher population and business numbers While the sector accounts for only around 0.5% of total employment and 0.4% of businesses.

In Australia, the security industry has consistently represented more than 2% of requests for assistance involving a workplace dispute lodged with the FWO in Australia. In the 2015-16 financial year, at the time the compliance activity component of the Inquiry commenced, the security sector was ranked ninth highest in terms of workplace disputes requiring FWO intervention. The most common age group lodging requests for assistance with the FWO in the security industry is the 40 – 49 age cohort (28.7%).  

The Overall Valuation of the company from a 5 year forward EV based perspective is A$ 525,432. For purposes of Negotiation, the firm should be valued in the following range: Value of Firm Range: A$ 400,000 – A$ 600,000.

As per our information the company is looking for an investor to acquire 50% of the company. In that regard, the company’s 50% should be valued at approx. $262,000. This will also ensure that the company will have adequate cash flows to fund operations through it reserves for a period of 1.8 Years. This will ensure that the long-term profitability and growth of value in the company. It is to be noted that this valuation ignores the positive effect of landing a tender that the company avails to and only looks at linear growth of revenues through systematic scaling. This could provide very high value to the investor and help the company in future expansion as well.

By way of computation, the value of the company after license and Post COVID on a 5 Year Forward Valuation is $525k and such valuation ranges as stated should be used to sell any stake in the company.

Comprehensive Valuation Report – Globalfy

Ruskin Felix Consulting LLC partnered with Globalfy to prepare a comprehensive valuation report. The report highlights the financial viability of the project by laying emphasis on the business risk, credit risk, competition risk while also analyzing the projections. The infrastructure outlay forms a significant part of the report. To understand how financially viable the project is, we have highlighted the revenue segmentation and the past financials of the company. The financial metrics further helps to understand the NPV analysis, and the FCFF computation. 

Some of the key risks associated with this type of business are as follows:

  • Consistency of order pipeline.
  • Low Profitability Margins
  • Various Intrinsic KPI factors for business
  • Relatively high competition

A higher level of risk is associated with the entertainment, production and media industry where the overall value of firms is harder to predict. Also Hit and miss projects are higher as number of clients to be attained is dependent on high cost of acquisition with low churn rate. The industry has an extremely focused and high competition-based operation metrics and one or a series of failed/unsuccessful projects can heavily jeopardize future operations and production pipeline. Thus, the overall industry and target Equity Cost of Capital used for discounting FCFFs is taken as 10%. The company also runs the risk of defaults, delays and issues arising from contracted and planned revenues in cases where the business operations will not pan out as planned and projected. The delay and non-payment of revenues by clients is also to be accommodated in the overall business risk of the company. This may adversely affect the cash flows of the leading to cutbacks, execution delays and layoffs. 

The overall valuation of the company is based on 4 valuation methods and is computed based on the weighted average of the valuation methods. The overall valuation of the company is $983.5K on a 5 Year forward basis. The methods used to compute the value of the company are:

  • PE multiple of Net Profit (CY)
  • Revenue Multiple on CY Revenue
  • Overall Project NPV Valuation (DCF)
  • Terminal Value Method

Due to the significance of overall net cash flows in present value from investor’s perspective, we have used the ratio of 30% valuation for it, thereby providing the investor a higher assured returns during the period of the investment.

The range of valuation for the business is computed at: $885k to $1.08 Million

It is to be noted that this value is based on the projections and assumptions made for the valuation and may significantly differ during real operations due to the overall business and industry risk.

The company is a viable investment due to its assured structured cash flows and growth potential at a valuation of $983k.

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