ruskin felix consulting, ruskin felix, cloud kitchen, cloud, ghost kitchen, business plan, kitchen market

15 Factors to keep in mind before opening a Cloud Kitchen Business

ruskin felix consulting, ruskin felix, cloud kitchen, cloud, ghost kitchen, business plan, kitchen market

What is a Cloud Kitchen?

A Cloud Kitchen is also known as a ghost kitchen, virtual kitchens, commissary kitchens, or dark kitchen uses a commercial kitchen with no dining customers to prepare food only to be supplied or taken away.

Restaurants may extend the current restaurant or launch the virtual brand at a minimum cost via the cloud kitchens. This allows restaurants to scale, explore new markets, or test new ideas. Many restaurants use cloud kitchens for the testing of new concepts and optimize their staff and inventory.

The restaurant owners use their own staff and produce, but a third party owns room and equipment. Several companies may use the common kitchen area to plan dining at home without a restaurant overhead.

A dedicated cloud kitchen space model is the space that a brand rents (or buys) for its own use only. You can choose to use one or more different ideas at the site, but other brands do not.

Cloud kitchens may be used to launch a whole new enterprise or model, often known as virtual or virtual brands. A virtual brand operates in an existing kitchen which allows the company without heavy investments to test new concepts.

There are different kinds of business models in the cloud kitchen.

        Cloud Kitchen Models 

ruskin felix consulting, ruskin felix, cloud kitchen, cloud, ghost kitchen, business plan, kitchen market

  • Standalone/Single Brand Cloud Kitchens

A standalone/single brand cloud kitchen has a consistent theme and design. It usually serves 1-2 cuisines and has a limited menu of 10-15 items. A typical standalone cloud kitchen is around 300 square feet in size. 

  • Virtual Restaurants

A virtual restaurant is a brand that exists inside a physical restaurant. These brands are only available via online food aggregators and use the existing restaurant’s kitchen infrastructure and services but under a different brand name. The virtual brand has a different menu than the main restaurant and can be a great way to try out a new cuisine that is very different from what the existing restaurant is known for.

  • Multi-brand Cloud Kitchens

The cloud kitchen business model allows restaurateurs to launch several brands while also providing simple avenues for business expansion. A multi-brand cloud kitchen is a vast kitchen system from which several brands of the same organization can work, all while utilizing the same equipment and resources. These are cuisine-specific brands, each satisfying a consumer need and appealing to a different Target Group.

The multi-brand cloud kitchen model allows businesses to appeal to a broader audience while still selling more to current customers. Furthermore, numerous listings on aggregators provide the business with greater audience penetration, allowing them to attract a larger consumer base.

  • Co-working Kitchen Spaces

A co-working cloud kitchen room, also known as shared kitchen space, commissary kitchen, and so on, is a vast kitchen infrastructure that multiple restaurant brands can rent, occupy, and operate from. Individual kitchen units for each brand are installed in these kitchen spaces, along with the requisite equipment and utilities. These kitchens, once again, are strategically located in areas with high customer demand, especially for specific cuisines.

  • Aggregator Managed Cloud Kitchens

Aggregator cloud kitchens run by online food aggregators are known as aggregator cloud kitchens. The aggregators invite their top restaurant partners to cook food from these kitchen spaces for delivery-only customers.

Swiggy and Zomato, two major players in the Indian food delivery market, have both dabbled in the cloud kitchen sector with this form of cloud kitchen business model.

Zomato Infrastructure Services was introduced in 2018 to provide restaurant brands with the infrastructure and utilities they need to operate their businesses. While ZIS closed its doors following the failure of its pilot kitchen in Dwarka, the concept of co-working kitchen space has gained traction in the industry and has been adopted by several other players.

Swiggy, the other online food ordering giant, launched Swiggy Access, which allows partner restaurants to set up shop in co-working kitchen spaces. Swiggy Access is now available throughout the country, with plans to add new restaurants in over 30 cities by 2020. Swiggy Access also serves as a home for Swiggy’s private labels The Bowl Company and Homely, which operate on the same infrastructure as the other brands. The company currently has over 600 kitchens, including both private brands and Access kitchens.

  • Operator Managed Cloud Kitchens

The kitchen operator manages the activities of current or upcoming restaurant brands in an operator-managed cloud kitchen. The brands are classified separately on online food aggregators and can accept orders via the cloud kitchen operator’s central food ordering website/mobile app or call center. The operator handles all operations, from accepting the order online and planning it to delivering it through third-party logistics.

Operator-managed cloud kitchens are like virtual franchising models and one of the most effective ways to grow the cloud kitchen market.

Biryani Blues, a famous biryani chain, has begun operations in Dubai through a partnership with cloud kitchen operator Kitopi. Biryani Blues currently has three locations with Kitopi and operates on a revenue-sharing basis.

Here’s an in-depth look at the various styles of cloud kitchen business models, how they work, whom they’re ideally suited for, and more.

15 Factors to consider before opening a Cloud Kitchen


ruskin felix consulting, ruskin felix, cloud kitchen, cloud, ghost kitchen, business plan, kitchen market

It’s time to build a business plan for your cloud kitchen in a Microsoft Word document or a PowerPoint presentation. This business plan will lay out everything you need to know to start a cloud kitchen. It will reduce the likelihood of overlooking important information. Your talents, weaknesses, opportunities, obstacles, and threats will all be present.

A business plan’s major components include capital expenditure, furniture, ingredients, human resources, place, city, costs, licenses, certificates, bank accounts, utensils, equipment, cutlery, and so on. Putting it in black and white would aid in the methodical execution of all steps. Write down all your thoughts and review them for the positive feedback. A productive dialogue can help in mitigating the risks associated with launching a cloud kitchen.


ruskin felix consulting, ruskin felix, cloud kitchen, cloud, ghost kitchen, business plan, kitchen market

Food Safety and Standard Licenses: Foodservice licenses are provided by your state health department. The health department may also require an in-person visit to obtain your restaurant food service license. They’ll make sure you’re following restaurant food safety requirements and will return to check in regularly. The procedure for obtaining a food service license is straightforward: simply apply online with the name and location of your restaurant.

Sales Tax/VAT/GST: In certain states, a sales tax license is also known as a sales tax permit or registration. It is an arrangement with the state tax office to collect and remit sales tax on goods sold by your company. For a sales tax license, you must collect state and local sales taxes in the state that issued the license and remit the money to the appropriate state or local taxing authority. If you form a sales tax nexus, or bond, with a state that collects sales tax, you must obtain this authorization.

Trade License: Any company, including the cloud kitchen, will need a trade license. This can be achieved by submitting the appropriate paperwork to the local municipal office. Aside from the expense, we could need some additional funds to complete the job. It is a one-time task and a form of legal action.

Fire and Safety License: While it is not necessary, to begin with, it is a good idea to save yourself from potential problems. This is required by statute, and fire and human health agreements are required in every workplace.

Trademark registration is also essential for the cloud kitchen company because the company’s concept does not enable the consumer to intervene, so the brand name of the business is the customer’s HERO. To protect the brand, the company owner must file trademark applications for the logo, name, and wordmark consisting of various colors and patterns to establish a distinct identity on the market


ruskin felix consulting, ruskin felix, cloud kitchen, cloud, ghost kitchen, business plan, kitchen market

Even though the rents are lower in the case of a cloud kitchen, the place and property must be selected with severe caution to succeed. The cloud kitchen can be placed in an obscure location and does not require a lot of foot traffic or visibility. Within a 300 Sq. Ft location, you can easily run a single brand or standalone cloud kitchen. It should, however, be in a region where there is a strong demand for the food you plan to sell.

One important thing to keep in mind while choosing a location is to decide the kind of food you will be selling. if it will fast casual or full-blown meals. Depending on your menu choosing a location closer to a residential or commercial area will be crucial.   


ruskin felix consulting, ruskin felix, cloud kitchen, cloud, ghost kitchen, business plan, kitchen market

The cost of establishing a kitchen depends on the kitchen and food that you sell.

You will save a lot of money if you spend wisely on equipment by purchasing new electronic goods and used equipment such as tables, racks, and storage shelves. The cost can rise due to the use of heavy equipment such as a chimney, deep refrigerators, and burners. If you want to run several brands from the same kitchen, you can use the same kitchen equipment and services for all of them. This will help you save money on supplies. Here is a list of Kitchen equipment you want to consider buying:

  • Exhaust Hood
  • Counters
  • Commercial Reach-In Refrigerators and freezers
  • Cooking Range
  • Oven
  • Commercial Fryer
  • Sinks
  • Fire suppression system
  • Cutting Surfaces
  • Shelves
  • Dishwasher
  1. Kitchen Planning

ruskin felix consulting, ruskin felix, cloud kitchen, cloud, ghost kitchen, business plan, kitchen market

Start kitchen preparation with the menu, since the kitchen has everything you need to prepare the finished dishes from your menu. The trick is to make use of space. If you plan to work in multi-brand kitchens, you can plan various parts of different dishes. Choose the right contractor with the most reliable civil and electrical engineering expertise for storage, drying, exhaust and ventilation preparation before starting your cloud kitchen. Choose clean, high-quality steel kitchen equipment. There are different types of Kitchen Layouts and you can choose the one that fits your menu the best:

  • Assembly line

This style of layout is common in fast-food restaurants such as Subway and McDonald’s because it allows for the creation of the same type of food dish repeatedly. The assembly line layout features a central row that begins with food preparation and finishes with a finished item that is ready to be served. Typically, the point of service is customer-facing. The assembly line layout is suitable for fast food franchises that have a small menu and use a similar food preparation process. It enables consumers to personalize their meals right in front of their eyes.

  • Zone type

This layout is perfect for large activity areas such as a hotel, restaurant, event catering kitchen, and so on, with a varied food menu and a large staff. The concept behind this design is to divide and lead. Instead of a single head chef overseeing the entire kitchen, this style of kitchen is a symphony of several specialist chefs creating a varied menu from start to finish in a single kitchen. For the kitchen to run smoothly, this configuration necessitates a significant amount of room and personnel.

  • Island style

The island-style kitchen layout begins with a ring layout, with a cooking station in the middle, like an island. Storage cabinets, food prep counters, and the cleaning area are situated along the perimeter, with the cooking equipment in the middle. This layout works best in a square area with plenty of room around the island to allow for smooth movement. With this type of layout, the kitchen chef can easily communicate with and order his or her staff. It ensures that the kitchen runs smoothly.

  • Galley Layout

This design is suitable for small spaces such as food trucks or small kitchens. All the equipment and workstations are located along the perimeter, i.e. along the walls, in this configuration. The open space in the center allows kitchen workers to move freely while also making it easier to work at several stations. This layout is built around the workflow to help you serve a greater number of customers in the shortest amount of time.

  1. STAFF

ruskin felix consulting, ruskin felix, cloud kitchen, cloud, ghost kitchen, business plan, kitchen market

Anything can be accomplished alone but working as part of a team makes the process easier. Often begin a cloud kitchen with a team to execute it or, at the very least, a consultant. You may or may not make them your business partners, but their assistance is needed to keep things on track. Time is more critical in the cloud kitchen market because hungry people do not wait. The participation of team members aids in making the right decisions through meetings and discussions.

The workload is often divided and distributed to all participants based on their specializations. A team’s sense of duty and enthusiasm is palpable. A person can lack the zeal to continue working after launching a cloud kitchen, but other team members may inspire. They continue to work and expand.                                  


ruskin felix consulting, ruskin felix, cloud kitchen, cloud, ghost kitchen, business plan, kitchen market

The entire online food ordering and distribution system is highly reliant on food order acceptance. It is also important to keep track of the number of orders received from different online ordering platforms. Order tracking and accurate monitoring are critical for restaurants to run smoothly. Choose a POS that has been tailored to the needs of the online shopping website.                                         


ruskin felix consulting, ruskin felix, cloud kitchen, cloud, ghost kitchen, business plan, kitchen market

Obtaining the highest quality raw materials is the first step in providing the best food experience. Since food is the only selling point in a delivery-only restaurant, it must be of the highest quality. Choosing the right provider is critical for handling raw material supply.

When you’re running multiple brands from a single kitchen and sourcing products from a variety of vendors, proper vendor management becomes much more important. As a result, be careful with your vendor selection and ensure that the meals are prepared from only the best quality raw materials.


ruskin felix consulting, ruskin felix, cloud kitchen, cloud, ghost kitchen, business plan, kitchen market

The most difficult task of running a cloud kitchen is thought to be managing the inventory. That isn’t correct. Yes, having several labels under one roof can make inventory management a little tedious, but by creating a system of checks and numbers, you can handle it with ease. With the help of a smart POS device, you can easily handle the stock and inventory requirements of multiple brands. From a single dashboard, you will be able to view and monitor each brand’s daily stock consumption and requirements.

You can easily handle the purchasing of stock products for each brand by raising Purchase Orders based on the requirements.


ruskin felix consulting, ruskin felix, cloud kitchen, cloud, ghost kitchen, business plan, kitchen market

This will be the most fascinating move because it is all about the delectable dishes that will soon dominate the hearts of the people in town. Please select the dishes that are most popular with the people. Consider first idea positioning in the minds of the target market, taste preferences, age dynamics, region availability, recipe development process, costing SOP’s, flavors and combinations, home delivery packaging, and so on.


ruskin felix consulting, ruskin felix, cloud kitchen, cloud, ghost kitchen, business plan, kitchen market

A ghost kitchen’s selling point is food delivery to the customer’s entrance. Packaging is an essential aspect of food distribution. The content, design, consistency, and handling of packaging all play an important role in communicating your brand values to customers. Packaging is important in the food distribution industry because it preserves food quality, avoids product spilling or leakage, reduces food waste, and communicates brand messaging to consumers.

In today’s food distribution industry, the packaging is about more than just practicality; it’s also about having a strategic edge over other competitors. In addition to delivery-only restaurants, QSRs and other restaurant formats are innovating their packaging requirements to differentiate themselves. Cloud kitchen operators are putting more thought and effort into choosing the appropriate container and packaging materials. Famous brands such as Faasos and Box8 use food-grade plastic containers with recyclable, microwave-safe lid wraps to ensure proper presentation.


ruskin felix consulting, ruskin felix, cloud kitchen, cloud, ghost kitchen, business plan, kitchen market

To define a brand strategy, the company should first define its restaurant concept’s “best-at,” in terms of food offering. “Best-at” is the one thing a company provides better than any other competitor. It is now time to begin designing. It will include logo design, staff uniform design, cutlery, and crockery design, food package design, menu design, and so on. Memorization is aided using audio-visual techniques. Creating one-of-a-kind visuals would leave a lasting impression and ensure brand awareness. Creates taglines and advertising messages, as well as guarantees four elements:

  • Loyalty
  • Credibility
  • Recognition
  • Consistency

Your company’s branding can be enhanced by the use of a logo. Taglines can help to build a picture. Using them on all related items will help it stick in people’s minds. 


ruskin felix consulting, ruskin felix, cloud kitchen, cloud, ghost kitchen, business plan, kitchen market

If properly developed, a marketing strategy may be the key to success. Make use of photographs of food products that you have prepared. In the retail sector, the concept of ‘‘whatever is seen, is sold” may be applied to the cloud kitchen market as an added benefit. If people are drawn to images of food, they may be tempted to eat them as well. As a result, the marketing strategy must include enough images with relevant taglines.

When launching a cloud kitchen, experiment with various ways to place the brand. For example, dry snacks can be marketed to be eaten at any time of day. This would increase their consumption and, as a result, their benefit levels. 

Cloud kitchens benefit greatly from online marketing. The first step is to register your restaurant on restaurant listing and review sites such as Zomato, TripAdvisor, Burrp, and others, and to encourage positive feedback from your regulars. You may also advertise exclusive sales and promotions on Facebook. Budgeting is an important aspect when it comes to creating a marketing plan and specific amounts should be allocated to different marketing avenues depending on your target market.


ruskin felix consulting, ruskin felix, cloud kitchen, cloud, ghost kitchen, business plan, kitchen market

Online food aggregators are the most popular source for generating orders since they already have the desired target audience. You must get your cloud kitchen business listed on all the food ordering platforms as they become an additional sales source.

Apart from accepting orders from online food aggregators, you can also have an online-ordering enabled website. The website must be optimized so that customers can easily navigate through the website and place their orders.

Value Proposition for customer and partners if you choose an aggregator:

A customer’s value is determined by time, resources, and confidence.

  1. TIME: Let’s face it, jumping from site to site and comparing rates will take a long time. Customers benefit from aggregator business models because they save time. This not only shortens the search time but also provides the user with an immediate and often customized list of comparable products/services to compare.
  2. EASY USE: It would also be difficult to collate and make sense of all that data. You will need to make tables with features and prices. Aggregators assist consumers in making decisions based on their preferences by using reference tables and filters. As a result, making choices becomes simpler.
  3. TRUST: Aggregators also aggregate ratings from a large number of users or have their rating systems. This offers a wide pool of feedback and assists the consumer in selecting a reliable product or service.
  4. CASH: Customers get the best price vs quality assurance or the best good/supplier for their budget by comparing prices around the market and matching it with feedback.

Partners’ Value Proposition

Partners profit from the ability to acquire consumers without incurring marketing costs. Since most marketing efforts focus on attracting a small number of consumers who then make a purchase, the cost per acquisition is often high.

There are also expenses associated with all of the operations associated with the processes and personnel required to sell a product or service.


ruskin felix consulting, ruskin felix, cloud kitchen, cloud, ghost kitchen, business plan, kitchen market

The most difficult task in the cloud kitchen industry is preserving hygiene after launching a cloud kitchen. There must be dedicated personnel to clean the platform, the board, the utensils, and everything else regularly. In peak season or while receiving orders continuously, the platform must be cleaned every 15 minutes. It would aid in the prevention of diseases among employees and customers, as well as the prevention of mismanagement. It would also boost the morale of those who work there.

As a result, their productivity will increase. Until you start a cloud kitchen, make up your mind and be determined about hygiene because this is the most difficult challenge in the cloud kitchen market.

All you Need to Know about Cryptocurrencies in 2021

Are you curious about trading crypto currencies like Ethereum or Bitcoin? If so, before picking an exchange or trading site, it’s a smart idea to find as much digital currency details as you can.

This guide discusses what determines digital asset prices and how to start trading cryptocurrencies. We will also send you our tips on where to buy and sell digital coins.


cryptocurrencies, bitcoin, bitcoins, cryptocurrency, trade, blockchain, ethereum, ruskin felix, paxful

Cryptocurrencies are currencies that are digital. They are developed to process transactions and generate new “coins” using digital cryptography.

Since they are decentralized, crypto-currencies like Bitcoin are common. In other words, access to the money isn’t regulated by banks and governments. In comparison, states and banks are more readily manipulated by fiat currencies.

There are thousands of alternatives to Bitcoin called Altcoins. Cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum and Ripple have improved on the initial model of Bitcoin or created differences to promote niche applications of their currencies. 


A cryptocurrency is a cryptography-secured digital or virtual currency, which makes it virtually difficult to clone or double-spend. Most cryptocurrencies are decentralized networks built on a public database enforced by a disparate computing network based on blockchain technologies. A distinguishing trait of cryptocurrencies is that every central authority normally does not issue them, making them potentially immune to political intervention or exploitation.

Cryptocurrencies are platforms that allow encrypted online payments that are denominated in terms of virtual “tokens,” which are represented within the system by ledger entries. “Crypto” refers to the numerous encryption algorithms and cryptographic methods, such as elliptical curve encryption, public-private key pairs, and hashing functions, which secure these entries.


cryptocurrencies, bitcoin, bitcoins, cryptocurrency, trade, blockchain, ethereum, ruskin felix, paxful

Blockchain is a data recording mechanism that makes it hard or difficult to alter, hack, or cheat the system.

It seems difficult to use Blockchain, and it can certainly be, but its basic principle is actually very plain. A blockchain is a database form. It helps to first understand what a ledger really is in order to be able to understand the blockchain.

A database is a compilation of information which is stored on a computer server electronically. Data, or data, is usually arranged in table format in databases to make it easy to search and filter for relevant information


Spreadsheets are structured to store and view restricted volumes of information for one person, or a specific number of individuals. A database, on the other hand, is structured to hold considerably greater volumes of information that any number of people can view, filter, and manipulate efficiently and conveniently at once.

Through housing data on servers that are constructed of powerful processors, massive databases accomplish this. In order to provide the processing power and storage space required for multiple people to access the database concurrently, these servers may often be created using hundreds or thousands of machines. Although any number of entities can access a spreadsheet or directory, it is mostly controlled by a corporation and operated by an appointed person who has full control over how it operates and the data inside it.


In the past, there were several attempts to raise digital capital, but they have all failed.

Trust is the prevailing issue. When someone makes a new currency called the X dollar, how do we believe they’re not going to send a million X dollars to themselves, or take the X dollars for themselves?

By using a special kind of database called a blockchain, Bitcoin was developed to solve this issue. Most normal databases have someone in control, such as a SQL database, who can alter the entries (e.g. giving themselves a million X dollars). Blockchain is distinct since no one is in charge; it is managed by the individuals who use it. Moreover, bitcoins can not be faked, hacked or double spent, meaning that persons who own this money can expect it to have some value.


Bitcoin, which now remains the most popular and most expensive, was the first blockchain-based cryptocurrency. Currently, with diverse functions and configurations, there are thousands of alternative cryptocurrencies. Some of these are Bitcoin clones or forks, and others are new currencies that have been constructed from scratch.

In 2009, Bitcoin was introduced by a person or collective known by the username “Satoshi Nakamoto.” As of Nov. 2019, with a combined market cap of approximately $146 billion, there were over 18 million bitcoins in circulation. Litecoin, Peercoin, and Namecoin, as well as Ethereum, Cardano, and EOS, include some of the rival cryptocurrencies spawned by the rise of Bitcoin, recognized as ‘altcoins.’ Today, the combined valuation of all existing cryptocurrencies is reportedly around $214 billion, reflecting more than 68 percent of the overall value of Bitcoin.

The Top 10 crypto currencies and their current prices are as follows:


The encryption and confidence problems are compensated for by Blockchain technologies in many respects. Next, there is still linear and chronological placement of new blocks. That is, they are often attached to the blockchain’s’ top’. “When you look at the blockchain of Bitcoin, you can find that each block has a location on the chain, called a “height.” As of November 2020, the height of the block has so far reached 656,197 blocks.

It is very unlikely to go back and modify the contents of the block after a block has been added to the end of the blockchain, until the majority has formed an agreement to do so. That’s because, along with the hash of the block before it, as well as the previously stated time stamp, each block contains its own hash. A math feature that transforms digital knowledge into a string of numbers and letters produces hash codes. The hash code also adjusts whether the information is edited in some way.

This is why protection is critical. Let’s presume a hacker tries to change the blockchain and snatch everyone else’s Bitcoin. It would no longer comply with someone else’s copy if they were to change their own single copy. They will see this particular copy stand out as everyone else cross-references their copies to each other, and that the hacker’s version of the chain would be thrown aside as unconstitutional.

To succeed in such a hack, it would enable the hacker to manipulate and change 51 percent of the blockchain copies concurrently so that their current copy becomes the majority copy and thus the agreed-upon chain. Such an attack would also take a large amount of capital and effort, since all the blocks would have to be redone because they would now have separate timestamps and hash codes.

The expense of pulling off such a task will obviously be insurmountable because of the scale of Bitcoin’s network and how quickly it is increasing. This will not only be incredibly costly, but it would definitely be fruitless as well. It would not go unnoticed to do such a thing, as network members would see such dramatic changes to the blockchain. Then the participants of the network will fork over to a different iteration of the chain that was not affected.

This will cause the targeted Bitcoin version to fall in value, rendering the attack essentially futile as a meaningless commodity is owned by the bad actor. If a malicious actor were to target the latest Bitcoin fork, the same will happen. It is designed this way so that it is much more politically incentivized to engage in the network than to strike it.


The purpose of the blockchain is to allow, but not edit, the storage and dissemination of digital content. Stuart Haber and W. first outlined blockchain technology in 1991. Scott Stornetta, two researchers who decided to introduce a method where it was not possible to tamper with paper timestamps. But it wasn’t until almost two decades later, in January 2009, when Bitcoin was introduced, that the blockchain saw the first real-world use.

There are already a broad number of blockchain-based initiatives aiming to incorporate blockchain in areas other than simply tracking transactions to support society. One clear example is that blockchain is being used in democratic elections as a means to vote. The existence of the immutability of the blockchain suggests that it would be much more difficult to generate illegal voting.

A voting scheme, for instance, might function so that a single cryptocurrency or token would be given to each resident of a country. A special wallet address would then be given to each candidate, and the electors would transfer their token or crypto to the address of whichever candidate they wish to vote for. The open and traceable design of the blockchain would reduce the need for the counting of human votes and the potential of bad actors to alter physical ballots.


The best platform to trade in cryptocurrencies is Paxful is a forum designed to provide a stable and easy trading system for cryptocurrencies. It serves as a peer-to-peer resource that is close to how trading is supported by Ebay. So, you can shop something more exciting than daily items here. Hey! Bitcoins!

Paxful is based in the USA and was founded in 2015. This marketplace’s concept was to allow sellers and buyers to connect easily after finding trade offers. Paxful, in a nutshell, is an intermediary between merchants and a room where individuals can connect.


Paxful has a straightforward website which provides customers with a broad range of trading and payment options. Credit-debit cards, MoneyGram, PayPal, and Skrill are among those choices. With the help of gift cards such as iTunes or Amazon, users are also welcome to make purchases.

It’s so easy to use Paxful that it won’t make you any issues. Just open their website, pick the number of coins you want to get, and mention your local currency, all you need. Build your personal account and you will have a chance to browse for sellers that are available. Quest types cover ways of payment and currency number. Users can pick the most lucrative orders, display the sellers available, payment methods approved, order numbers, and rates. Before finding your order, don’t forget to verify the seller’s reviews to ensure that he is accurate enough.
cryptocurrencies, bitcoin, bitcoins, cryptocurrency, trade, blockchain, ethereum, ruskin felix, paxful

Only press the “Buy” button when you have found a successful choice for you. Pick the number of coins you would like to buy and make an order. You should take advantage of an escrow service and a chat option from this to meet your seller face to face and negotiate the offer in depth.

Click on “Mark as paid” until the sale is completed and payment is made, and wait for a while before the seller sends coins to your personal wallet.


  • At Paxful, an incredibly large variety of payment methods are available.
  • 2-factor authentication safeguards wallets and guarantees your protection.
  • Sellers are all available to view credibility scores depending on their activity, trading experience and customer feedback.
  • An escrow service retains funds until both sides agree that a contract is completed. This protects cheaters from dealers and customers and keeps the purchases seamless.
  • Paxful’s customer service is swift and reacts via a number of choices, including email, web, message system, and social media.


  • There are concerns that anyone may seek to trick you, including the fact that Paxful functions as a peer-to-peer network. Be careful and never contact with distributors through email, SMS or any other means. Paxful’s website only covers you when, via the message box, you contact other people.
  • Before you confirm the offer, make sure to review the price and commission. Depending on the payment method you use, rates can differ significantly.

Paxful is an easy and common way for cryptocurrency community members to exchange bitcoins and remains a lucrative choice. For new and seasoned buyers, this could be a successful choice, as it makes the process quick and clear. The platform thus serves as a mediator between sellers and buyers, but before making an offer, you need to be attentive and review sellers.


Step #1: Overlay the Bitcoin chart with the Ethereum chart and the OVB indicator.
cryptocurrencies, bitcoin, bitcoins, cryptocurrency, trade, blockchain, ethereum, ruskin felix, paxful

Basically, the map configuration should have 3 screens. One for the map of Bitcoin and the second one for the chart of Ethereum. Last but not least, build one OVB indicator window.

Step #2: Look for Smart Money Divergence between Bitcoin price and Ethereum price.
cryptocurrencies, bitcoin, bitcoins, cryptocurrency, trade, blockchain, ethereum, ruskin felix, paxful

With this, what do we mean?

Simply put, we’re going to look for price differences in the price of Bitcoin and Ethereum. If one cryptocurrency fails to validate the other cryptocurrency’s behavior, smart cash divergence exists.

For instance, we have smart money divergence if Ethereum price breaks above a big resistance or a swing high and Bitcoin fail to do the same. It means that “lying” is one of the two cryptocurrencies. This is the key reason why we have used this technique for trading cryptocurrencies. And even the Ethereum trading technique.

The explanation why the idea of smart money divergence works is that when we’re on a trend, the cryptocurrency industry as a whole should shift in the same direction. For decades, the same rules have been applicable for all the other big asset groups. It’s also true for the exchange policy of cryptocurrencies.

We need confirmation from the OBV predictor before purchasing. This takes us to the next level on the right technique for Bitcoin investing.

Step #3: Look for the OVB to increase in the direction of the trend.
cryptocurrencies, bitcoin, bitcoins, cryptocurrency, trade, blockchain, ethereum, ruskin felix, paxful

If Bitcoin lags behind the Ethereum price, it suggests that Bitcoin can obey Ethereum sooner or later and break above the resistance.

Still, how are we going to know that?

The OBV is, to put it simply, a remarkable scientific predictor. It will show us whether real money actually buys Bitcoin or sells it. What we want to see when Bitcoin is struggling to break over a resistance level or a swing high, and the Ethereum already split, is for the OBV to rise in the direction of the trend. We still want it to go above the level it was when Bitcoin traded at this resistance level earlier. Here is how the right swing can be found to raise your benefit. Now, all it remains for us to do is to position our buy limit order, which takes us to the next phase of the right Bitcoin trading strategy.

Step #4: Place A Buy Limit Order at the resistance level in an attempt to catch the possible breakout.
cryptocurrencies, bitcoin, bitcoins, cryptocurrency, trade, blockchain, ethereum, ruskin felix, paxful

Once we are given the green signal by the OBV indicator, all we have to do is place a purchasing cap order. Place the order in expectation of the potential breakout at the resistance stage.

It’s no surprise to see this exchange sparked and to break higher than expected for the price of Bitcoin. We told you, after all, that the OBV is an awesome predictor.

Now, what we need to decide is where to put our defensive stop loss for the right Bitcoin trading plan and when to take money.

Step #5: Place your SL below the breakout candle and take profit once the OBV reaches 105,000.
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It is a good way to trade to put the stop loss below the breakout candle. In our most recent article here: Breakout Trading Technique Used by Experienced Traders, we have written more about the reasons for covering your SL above/ below the breakout candle.

Typically an OBV reading above 105,000 is an intense reading that indicates at least a pause in the pattern when it comes to our taking benefit. This is where we expect money to be made.


Though Bitcoin trading day has certain risks, there are several ways to reduce these risks.

Here are some of the top ways to boost your trading plan for Bitcoin.

Know that:

Diversify the purchases. It would help decrease the everyday risk associated with a single coin by integrating Bitcoin, Ripple, Litecoin, Ethereum, and other cryptocurrencies.

Minimize expenditures for trading. Every day, opening multiple places impacts the daily ROI. Choose a reputable exchange that has low fees to minimize the risk of trading.

Watch Times Dealing. Map ahead hours for trading that are consistent with your timetable. 24 hours a day, Bitcoin trades. It’s different from the NYSE 9-5s.

Track the news on Bitcoin. To remain ahead of the market, pay heed to crypto-currency news reports. Configure warnings and other message forms.

Apply technological research. Using powerful technological metrics such as OBV. This will encourage you to justify each of your purchases.

Usage Failure Pause. Set orders for stop-loss on any trade. Begin with a 2:1 income loss ratio.


In the U.S., Japan, the U.K., and several other developing nations, Bitcoin was legal as of February 2020. The legal status of Bitcoin has started to vary significantly in developing markets. Although explicitly criminalizing the possession of bitcoins, China heavily restricted Bitcoin. India banned banks from blockchain trade and left uncertain the ultimate legal status of cryptocurrencies. In addition, Bitcoin regulations in individual countries need to be looked at.

And if Bitcoin is legitimate, Bitcoin is still subject to most of the laws that apply to other properties. The area where more persons are expected to get into trouble is tax laws. Bitcoins are generally regarded as property rather than currencies for tax purposes. Generally, Bitcoin is not considered legal tender.

In a deregulated marketplace, Bitcoin exists, but there is no centralized issuing authority. Bitcoin addresses in the United States do not require social security numbers (SSNs) or other personal records, such as regular bank accounts. That raised questions initially about the use of bitcoins for illicit activity.

The assumed anonymity of Bitcoin contributed to numerous illicit applications in its early years. Drug traffickers were known to use it, with the Silk Road market being the best-known example. It was a part of the so-called dark web that allowed users to purchase illegal drugs. Bitcoins are used in all purchases on the Silk Road. In October 2013, it was finally shut down by the FBI.

And those wanting anonymity, though, Bitcoin have some serious weaknesses. Bitcoin establishes, in particular, a permanent digital archive of all transactions. When a person is connected to an account, it is possible to connect that individual to other transactions using that address. Cryptocurrencies such as Monero and Zcash, which are competing, also have much greater privacy security. Unlawful behavior is shifting away from Bitcoin, given this scenario.


The price of bitcoin started to climb in the fall of 2017. The price rose by $5,000 in October of that year and doubled to $10,000 again in November. Then, the price of one bitcoin hit $19,783 on December 17. This was dubbed a price bubble by many pundits and analysts, several of whom made parallels to 17th century Dutch Tulipmania. Indeed, the price of bitcoin plunged quickly only a few weeks back, falling all the way down to $7,000 by April 2018 and below $3,500 by November 2018.
cryptocurrencies, bitcoin, bitcoins, cryptocurrency, trade, blockchain, ethereum, ruskin felix, paxful

In 2019, bitcoin saw a fresh price and volume revival, rising to about $10,000 by June in fits and bursts. Since history appears to repeat itself, by the end of the year, the price of bitcoin dropped back down to around $7,000.

In 2020, that changed. Renewed interest was piqued among investors, as described above. The number of persons carrying more than 1,000 coins has actually jumped. Prices have risen gradually through the year, beginning on January 1 at $7,200 and ending on November 23 at $18,353. That’s an approximately 155% rise. Bitcoin then took off ever further when, after the rapidly rising inflation of the dollar from COVID-19 stimulus spending, institutions started to accept it as a store of wealth. In Dec. 2020, the price of Bitcoin hit a high of just under $24,000, giving it a 224 per cent year-to-date rise and an almost 500,000 per cent year-to-date increase on the Bitstamp market.
cryptocurrencies, bitcoin, bitcoins, cryptocurrency, trade, blockchain, ethereum, ruskin felix, paxful

The performance of Bitcoin especially in 2021 has been nothing short of a dream run. With the prices in December being at USD $29,000, the price soared to a lift time high of USD $41,940 on January 9th, 2021. The bitcoin valuation then dipped about 20% from all time highs to come back and stabilise around the USD $32,000 mark. The month of january has proven the theory of many experts who believe that the valuation of a bitcoin will reach USD $1,00,000 by October 2023.

We advise you to invest in the same and contact us if you need advisory services for bitcoin or intend to trade in the cryptocurrencies.

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53 Most Profitable Business Ideas to Steal the show in 2021 Globally

Some of the Best Business Ideas to startup in 2021 by improving your skills, creating a business plan and setting up operations.


Anybody can impact online media; it is an advanced science. But it requires persistence, commitment, and shrewd information about the intensity of the picked stage. Influencers don’t have a clue of how to build, manage and gain audience, if you do that for them, you may be looking at $1000s of dollars coming in for you as monthly management fees.

Likewise, meaningful information on the best web-based media themes is required. A million-dollar web-based media Influencer can draw in organizations that will leave behind a great deal of cash to impact Influence with their item.

A List of platforms to start or build your presence at are:

This isn’t 2014, it’s 2020, and the rules of the game have changed. If you wish to build something in social media now, it’s recommended that you take up this short course to grasp the ins and outs of the business and how best you will fit in it.

Check out this Course – Social Media Manager

business idea, business ideas, startup ideas, new business ideas, business ideas 2021


Life on Earth has changed so much. Everything goes on the web, and for entrepreneurs, you may need to pivot and change, otherwise your business will become obsolete.

The US consumers might spend more than $ 709 billion on online business this year alone, speaking to a development pace of 18% and extended to reach $ 4.9 trillion by 2021. E-commerce is a growing business all the time and thus a brilliant business idea.

With fast, innovative headway, consider cell phones, web-based media, and site work, including web-based shopping. The magnificence of the web-based business is that you do not have to make or claim the items you sell.

To open a retail E-commerce business and successfully run it, you need to know to the patterns of the market, the shifts in product focus and the aspect of product research when selling. You should certainly check out this course which will certainly help you gain knowledge before you start in the field.

Check out this CourseThe Ultimate Beginners Guide to E-Commerce

business idea, business ideas, startup ideas, new business ideas, business ideas 2021


Podcasting is an innovative fire up the idea that you ought to consider. It is what might be compared to vlogging sound. With a fair recorder, alluring substance, and great advertising, you can be on the way to making it as large as a podcaster. Stages like Spotify’s Anchor and Google Podcast are the right spots to begin.

This is a relatively new business and has been gaining a lot of influence since the music streaming platforms have started giving focus to this industry. You should go through this course to know where you can add value to the industry.

Course – Podcast: A Beginners Guide to Podcasting

business idea, business ideas, startup ideas, new business ideas, business ideas 2021


With web improvement data, you can furnish likely purchasers with many web arrangements. As a result of this skill, you should take a couple of courses in HTML and CSS to make this first specialized thought. A business idea that you can really develop into a big business.

We at Ruskin Felix Consulting, profess in building complex websites and web software’s for business to extend or build their digital footprint. You can look at our gig on fiverr and let us know the details of what you’re looking for and we help you in every way possible.

business idea, business ideas, startup ideas, new business ideas, business ideas 2021

You can go here and communicate to us for any of your web development needs:


YouTube is the most mainstream site for vloggers. Make a specialty channel and fill it with quality video substance to get perspectives, supporters, and preferences. After some time, utilizing fundamental advertising abilities, you can drive enough traffic to your channel and bring in cash.

Some of the best vloggers have started out small, but because they started out so early, they have had an advantage to the new entrants. You will need to balance out this by knowing everything there is to know by some of the best in the industry. There are people who are paid to travel, paid to surf, hike and trek. If you want to be that person, you should consider vlogging.

You can check out this course so know the details of this sensational new industry –

Check out this CourseModern Vlogging Guide – Make Money From Vlogging

business idea, business ideas, startup ideas, new business ideas, business ideas 2021


Ghostwriting includes treating others without venturing into the red. This new startup thought exploits the classification of individuals who do not have the capacity or time to compose content for any reason, however they are happy to pay others to do it for you. Quality work can acquire a professional writer great audits and entries for some activities. This business idea has a great demand specially after the increase in blogging and affiliate marketing activities.

Check out this Course: Blog Post Writing

business idea, business ideas, startup ideas, new business ideas, business ideas 2021


Offer your administrations as an online coach. You can prepare customers on the way of life, prosperity, business, voice, design, and what you have. You can utilize platforms like Skype, Instagram, Google Meet, and Zoom to have customers’ meetings.

Understanding the present situation and knowing how COVID-19 has impacted all industries, the highest amount of digitization has taken place in online teaching. If you haven’t started teaching online yet, this is the time to do it and start.

Do look at this course to further your knowledge in online teaching. For all working and non-working women at home, this is a great business idea to start with.

Check out this Course – Understanding Online Learning & Teaching Methodologies 

business idea, business ideas, startup ideas, new business ideas, business ideas 2021


On the off chance that you can purchase items at low costs, at that point, you can begin a rewarding business that prompts selling those items on outsider destinations, for example, eBay or AliExpress.
Dropshipping is where retailers purchase items in mass from providers and afterward offer them to the end client.

We are here for all your dropshipping needs. Get started now by letting us build your store in Dropshipping. We can work with Shopify, WordPress, squarespace, wix and all dropshipping platforms. This is a business idea which has real growth potential if done right and with the right focus in mind.

Message us now and we will provide you with the best quote for your niche store
business idea, business ideas, startup ideas, new business ideas, business ideas 2021


You can utilize your great hierarchical aptitudes to manufacture extra income streams. Virtual helpers are popular with organizations, consultants, and a wide range of businesses.

It is a great occasion to become acquainted with fruitful and persuasive individuals from varying backgrounds crafted by building an extraordinary innovative organization. Simultaneously, it also offers you the chance to work from any place on the planet while building your expert abilities.

The world has gotten faster due to technology and the opportunity is huge due to the shutting down of so many offices and companies. Learn what skills are needed for becoming the virtual assistant you can be and have multiple clients to manage their work. This is not really a business idea but more of a freelance job that you can do for companies and professionals alike.

Check out this course – How to Succeed As a Beginner Virtual Assistant

business idea, business ideas, startup ideas, new business ideas, business ideas 2021


WordPress is a serious stage for independent ventures and arising bloggers to begin their site. On the off chance that you know precisely how to set up a WordPress blog, at that point, individuals can pay you several dollars for your abilities.

Notwithstanding talking with WordPress, you can likewise offer advanced advertising administrations to your clients to broaden your income stream. It will assist your customers with conveying relevant traffic to their site. If you are building an effective business as a WordPress website admin, you can transform your business into a total advanced advertising office.

A key skill to gain in the web development field, you should learn the details of the business to earn in the range of $500 – $10,000 per website that you develop and manage.

Check out this Course: A Quick Way To Master WordPress: WordPress For Beginners

business idea, business ideas, startup ideas, new business ideas, business ideas 2021


There is an application for everything in the world and they make a large number of dollars. You will not have the option to discover a specialty that no application has yet constructed.

Best of all, you do not need to stress over if your coding abilities are acceptable. Go on this course to figure out how to assemble applications with insignificant coding skills. Be that as it may, before utilizing it, do some statistical surveying about the opposition, the income model, and the application’s attainability.

Look at other effective applications, including Instagram and Snapchat; all intended for explicit crowds and now worth billions.

Course: Beginner to Pro! Develop Apps with IOS 11, Swift 4 and Xcode 

business idea, business ideas, startup ideas, new business ideas, business ideas 2021


Content essayists are sought after, particularly for advanced promoting purposes. On the off chance that you can make a drawing in stories and papers, at that point, you can transform your aptitudes into a productive autonomous composing business.

From a duplicate of the site to composing blog entries and bulletins, you can write content on an assortment of subjects. Experienced specialists procure anything between $ 1000 to $ 5000 every week. If you are a writer who can write on diverse topics, this is a the business idea for you.

Know the freelance writing essentials to market yourself better. Your words should be valuable to you.

Course: [2021] Freelance Writing Course: 15 Courses in 1 (Version 7)

business idea, business ideas, startup ideas, new business ideas, business ideas 2021


Organizations are driven by information to settle on educated choices. Skilled information experts, who can comprehend most data and understand what is going on the table, are popular.

If you are acceptable at numbers and have enough specialized information, at that point, this is the occupation you would cherish. Data is the blood of internet and you being able to analyze, structure and report it will be a true value you will gain. It does involve programs like Python, mathematics and statistics and thus you should begin by increasing your base on the subject. This is THE job of the 21st Century. Businesses have been built on this idea alone with data intelligence being very important. This business idea could potentially make you a millionaire.

Course: Data Analysis with Machine Learning & Data Visualization

business idea, business ideas, startup ideas, new business ideas, business ideas 2021


VR will help individuals get to live occasions from everywhere the world and create endless income for the individuals who have occasioned. Everything from music shows to gatherings and displays is outfitted towards visual execution.

There will be no restriction to space-based tickets where you could offer many passes to genuine and human crowds. If the reception of VR in this age was relied upon to be less powerful, nobody could foresee the size of the Covid-19 on the planet.

Learn how to design VR learning experiences to curate live experience for audiences and gain from the ticket and advertising revenue. This new age business idea has so much scope to develop further into various fields.

Course: The ‘Reality’ course for Designing VR Learning Experiences

business idea, business ideas, startup ideas, new business ideas, business ideas 2021


E-Sports covers the serious edge of live rivalry with the player’s heaven.

This industry is expected to grow at a CAGR of 9% between 2020-2023, with a $ 646 million income during the period. People love the social part and honestly; it is a serious bundle. Live transmissions and online media are the main thrust behind the business’s development, and there is no time like the present to get energetically. Betting platforms have grown a lot due to the element of skill involved in the games of betting with respect to team selections.

Such an app focusing on Sports is one of the best forms of revenue for the sports lovers. Such an E-sports app will need you to be well-versed with all programming languages. With the AJAX enabled software’s available today, it has become way easier to maneuver your way through designing your dreams11 app.

We hope this will help and enable you to move forward in this direction in this year.

Course – Mobile App Essentials – Plan, Develop and Market Any App 

business idea, business ideas, startup ideas, new business ideas, business ideas 2021v


Organizations use email administrations to send an advertisement, demand gifts and what you have to the intended interest group. It includes making an email rundown and altering all parts of the email substance to guarantee positive input.

If you can master the art of email advertising, you will be able to make work and add value to many organizations in their marketing endeavors.

A key to understand the marketing technique of email advertising, follow through the course and start doing it now for your clients or your own business. This business idea has great potential as the advertising through mails has been a booming but high barriers sector.

Course: E-Mail Marketing 2020: Modern Techniques & Strategies

business idea, business ideas, startup ideas, new business ideas, business ideas 2021


If you are graduated in Mass Communication and Journalism, you can start your news blog or YouTube channel. Guaranteeing that your articles are exact, legitimate and moral will hence recognize you from different bloggers who are more intrigued by an amount than quality.

Creating your own blog and starting news coverage there will be a great way to find your ground in advertising and journalism. Here s our pick for something that is essential for you in your journey of starting your own news blog. Start your own business now, build this idea and grow your reporting job.

Course: Blogging Home Business: Successful Blog & Passive Income NEW 

business idea, business ideas, startup ideas, new business ideas, business ideas 2021


There are numerous occasions to procure by transferring an amazing video or by making a successful video exhibition. 

A superior video transferring framework should have the option to move your photographs, sound, and video unreservedly. Indeed, a multi-reason and responsive video sharing application for each device, including the Web App would be a smart thought. This would however need good servers and a fast-working mobile tech. Billions have been made in video apps since 2015 and this business idea is here to stay for the next 5 years with high potential.

business idea, business ideas, startup ideas, new business ideas, business ideas 2021

Do contact us if you want something like this built for your self and we will build it for you. Contact us with your details and we will get back to you.


On the off chance that you have great experience and information on HR-related administrations, you can begin your counseling organization to help individuals with tips and rules for getting a lucrative line of work or getting a special meeting. You would certainly need structuring, setting up and all other organizational setup for the same. Such a counselling based business idea will give you opportunity to interact with so many professionals.

business idea, business ideas, startup ideas, new business ideas, business ideas 2021

Do contact us for consultations and advisory services in this matter and we will be happy to consult in your business.


On the off chance that you can compose content that makes individuals more inclined to purchase what your client offer, you can bring in a great deal of cash with this. Except if you have a great deal of involvement working in the field of composing.

One of the best resources for graphic development is YouTube, however it might not be as focused and encompass each aspect that you would need for a successful design services company to be setup.

It is thus advisable to get this wonderful course under your belt.

Course: Selling Design Services For A Living – Method and Case Study

business idea, business ideas, startup ideas, new business ideas, business ideas 2021


Most alumni do not have the foggiest idea of composing a resume and can undoubtedly manage the cost of the administration. A reasonable cost and quality assistance can see CV writer’s customers come up like bread yeast.

With a huge chunk of the population losing employment in 2020, there is a sudden need for people to stand out through their resumes. This will thus give you a chance to build a market for yourself in resume designing services.

Learn how to design a great resume, build your own service and start providing them to your clients.

Course: Unlocking Resumes: Your Keys to Getting Hired!

business idea, business ideas, startup ideas, new business ideas, business ideas 2021


With as meager as your cell phone and a nice information framework, you can begin a decent vocation in the blogosphere. There has never been an exceptional opportunity to begin a blog than in this era.

Become a freelancer in the writing industry, write for numerous clients and take up the responsibility of providing content for a whole range of blogs and your focus interests.

Course – Freelance Article Writing: Start a Freelance Writing Career!

business idea, business ideas, startup ideas, new business ideas, business ideas 2021


Ownership of pets has been more famous than any other time in 2020, and it does not indicate easing back down. The pet ownership business is becoming quick and costs billions of dollars a year. While numerous organizations center around pet prepping, food, and toys, there will consistently be a special requirement for talented vets. 

Individuals who have a stable association with their “textured youngsters” need to guarantee that pets remain as far as might be feasible. Vets can charge extreme expenses in any event for a traditional medical procedure, and pet proprietors must choose the option to acknowledge it. That is why beginning a Pet care business is one of the substantial business thoughts for 2020-2030, and it appears to be nearly ensured to succeed.

business idea, business ideas, startup ideas, new business ideas, business ideas 2021

There are many activities in the pet’s industry that you can work on. Some of them are as follows:

  • Pet Supplies
  • Pet accessories
  • Pet Food
  • Pet Care Centre
  • Pet Medical Care
  • Pet Adoption Services
  • Pet Sale Shop

We have ready made business plans for this high margin’s businesses, from the E-commerce view, consulting, or care services viewpoint. Do message us on Fiverr and we shall help you in the services related to this.

If you are a passionate pet lover in any country, what are you waiting for. Its time to show kindness to the pets of the world.


Little occasions incorporate birthdays and small gatherings that require significantly less conventional arranging than ordinary circumstances. It very well may be done deliberately and includes a small community of individuals typically. This new startup thought can make you rake in some serious cash while carrying satisfaction to other people. 

You need to either be good at costing your events as that’s where most existing business have leaked revenue. If you have any clients that you could use at the start, that would be the best. Be professional, cost your services, understanding budgeting and get a formal business plan, logo and website made.

business idea, business ideas, startup ideas, new business ideas, business ideas 2021

Good news is that we will do all of that for you. Contact us and let’s get started


This new idea requires some information on the standards of plan and utilization of shadings. You can begin working with a small group of planners and specialists. The capacity to discuss well with your projects, clients and colleagues contributes significantly to the inside structure.

A highly profitable industry with very less overall competition. Presentation and showcasing your work are everything in this. If you don’t have a website for your business, we sure need to build that at the earliest. If you do, we can certainly consult you on creating higher traffic and focused traffic to your website.

business idea, business ideas, startup ideas, new business ideas, business ideas 2021

Do let us know in the Contact us Section about what you’re looking for.


The more significant part of us do not go anyplace without our mobiles, however, we regularly fail to remember our charging links. While the creation and offer of versatile chargers is anything but another marvel, you will see that numerous public offices have shopping and phone charging stations. 

You can buy a concurrence with neighborhood organizations (bistros, cafés, book shops, and so on) in your general vicinity to set up your charging stations for a month to month expense. This income can help you grow your versatile charger business to incorporate different highlights, for example, battery charges.

business idea, business ideas, startup ideas, new business ideas, business ideas 2021

Small and effective, this business can be setup anywhere. We have a ready business plan for you for this business. Do let us know if you want that and we shall make it available to you customized to your needs. This is a highly scalable project due to the sheer need and placement opportunities available throughout every country.


If traveling is your craze and you are continually refreshed with things like the ideal choices for flight tickets and inn bargains, at that point, you merit the cost. You can begin by helping your loved ones by getting the best travel bargains. 

It will help you get a free verbal exchange and begin developing your own autonomous travel industry counseling business. 

business idea, business ideas, startup ideas, new business ideas, business ideas 2021

There is a website need that you have for this, something that can connect to audience, build influence and also manage to bring in revenue to you. Head over to our gig page and let us design your website for you and you just focus on travelling and your clients.


If you can cook well, you can offer this new support to occupied experts who might not have the opportunity to cook but search for altered food. You can part your administration into costs that cost seven days, fourteen days, or even soup or a month. This can be put away in your clients’ fridge at whatever point they need to eat it. Subtleties are made of the fixings that will make the dinner and home conveyance regularly fundamental. 

business idea, business ideas, startup ideas, new business ideas, business ideas 2021

We can a help you assess a business plan for catering taking into account the profitability, viability, expansion possibility and cost projections. Just get in touch with us and we can take it from there.


Put yourself close to road tailors by making your attire image. Notwithstanding bespoke administrations, you can likewise offer instant attire, online store, and home conveyance.

This industry never gets old, with the niches also increasing constantly, there is a place for everyone if you are a good designer. Even if you are not a trained designer, this is 2021, everything is possible. Here is a quick Kickstarter course for you to understand using programs to design your own fashion style.

Course: Fashion Design Course from Fundamental to Advanced

business idea, business ideas, startup ideas, new business ideas, business ideas 2021


You can make such startup thoughts a reality. You can begin a laundry administration where you wash, starch, and iron various sorts of attire for cash. Due to the tumultuous movement of life, affection for very much washed garments is fundamental. 

There is some initial capital expenditure that you would need to do, but Dry-cleaning services are really profitable and thus you see so many private ventures and startups in the segment. The market for dry cleaning is picking up across the world especially in Tier 2 and 3 countries.

business idea, business ideas, startup ideas, new business ideas, business ideas 2021

This is the best time to start a business, the key here will be creating a brand, and using the franchise model to expand to various locations. Let us know if you need help in consulting and strategizing this and we can help you through each step from registering the organization, branding, web development and business plan. Write to us and we shall get back to you at the earliest.


Gym coaches are popular. On the off chance that you are solid and know the innovation of activity and diet plan, you can get more cash-flow by helping individuals to be adjusted. 

Whenever you have discovered the correct customers and have set up a decent standing, this work will profit you truly and monetarily. You can likewise learn online about legitimate nourishment to add a specific add up to your administration. If you are into fitness, you will already have the chance to build a clientele. Not just that, you can create an engaging web influence and even sell fitness courses and/or memberships online which can help you make constant money.

business idea, business ideas, startup ideas, new business ideas, business ideas 2021

You can get in touch with us to get a site for your profession built and we will deliver the best quality output.


Baking can make you a great deal of cash. Nonetheless, you should have the option to make heavenly treats, at that point, you will have the opportunity to sell them at a maximum cost. Individuals are continually giving increasingly more inclination to high quality and gourmet prepared merchandise. To begin, you likewise need to keep up some basic cooking hardware. You can start by cooking something as basic as your mother’s ideal treat formula to improve your aptitudes. Afterward, you can dominate various specialty plans to construct your USP and control your items’ premium costs.

Course: How to Start a Home Food Business the Right Way

business idea, business ideas, startup ideas, new business ideas, business ideas 2021


3D printing is another industry that has truly taken off these years, and it relies upon to proceed much more as the years pass by. 

This permits individuals to manufacture nearly anything from their homes. Later on, we might have the option to download items instead of requesting them on the web. 3D printer projects will be accessible on the web, and we will have the opportunity to make them at the press of a catch. You can use this business idea as an E-commerce store as well as a physical store. This will provide you with a broader market reach.

business idea, business ideas, startup ideas, new business ideas, business ideas 2021

It will also include some initial capital expenditure for setting up your business. Let us help you computing a customized business plan for your new venture with all projections and business requirements for the same as per your country with financial cost and revenue projections.


As a cameraman, you can manage many occasions from weddings to birthday celebrations and rake in tons of cash this way. You can likewise sell your stock photographs on stages, for example, Shutterstock is the platform where you acquire an expense for each download of your work.

Let us help you create a busines plan for your photography business, with all market insights, publishing methodologies, marketing techniques, clientele building, skills needed, Equipment’s need assessment and overall viability assessment.

We will also help you choose the field of photography you wish to do. Ruskin Felix himself has been a fashion and celebrity photographer so he can certainly help you with the right direction in this field.
business idea, business ideas, startup ideas, new business ideas, business ideas 2021

You can check his work at

Contact us to know more


To be clear and fair, one can begin a transportation business. The occasion to bring in cash becomes intricate by making you admittance to a quick web-based business site like FedEx and DHL to develop your business. 

This way, engaging clients to send the dispatch in a straightforward and viable manner to spare your important time. 

Courier and logistics services is a complex capital-intensive business but is highly scalable and thus is a good venture even with lesser margins. 

business idea, business ideas, startup ideas, new business ideas, business ideas 2021

Contact us to design a detailed plan for you which will include the Overall business Assessment:

  • Compliances
  • Tie-ups needed
  • Marketing and Sales
  • Capital Investment
  • Busines Plan
  • Financial Projections
  • Profitability assessment

Write to us and we will help you with all stated aspects of your new business venture.



Individuals who start a land business offer you a brisk expand on your accessibility or cash through a transitory methodology. They offer a business approach or input that gives or buy your property.

The web arrangement and portable applications assist you in making it simpler and more reasonable. So, permitting the purchase or sell properties online with the instant arrangements accessible on Android, iPhone and site.

Real Estate Analysis and buying and converting lower value properties into high revenue properties is a very high returns generating business in the western countries. Due to the overall population increasing each day, the world will soon see much higher real estate prices which is why it’s a high profits business. However due to its quantum, it’s a less liquid business and thus it is very important for those who dabble in this business to know what they are working with. Learn the tricks of the trade before you venture into this high-risk high return business venture.

Course: Wholesale Real Estate Fundamentals (COVID-19 Addition)

business idea, business ideas, startup ideas, new business ideas, business ideas 2021


Starting business dependent on Hardware data, above all else, you need to comprehend the prerequisites and you need to see the informational collections to chip away at. A superior arrangement can make your life more profitable and simpler.

This kind of arrangement can fill in as a visual connection between an equipment gadget and a convenient gadget, making things less convoluted. The arrangement should work in various manners and should work overall significant versatile stages. 

Such a company can have high startup costs and will be tougher to setup. However, once the company is setup, data intelligence and Server management can be used to grow a loyal clientele and have a stable month-on-month revenue source.

business idea, business ideas, startup ideas, new business ideas, business ideas 2021

As this is a complex structure, we would certainly love to consult you on this business solution by way of strategy, business plan and consultation. Do contact us for further consultation on the same subject.


There are many pre-owned cars, a considerable lot of which are harmed during the excursion. Portable Auto Workshop can be a stunning plan to battle these circumstances. 

A simple to-utilize application or programming can also advance the business and be utilized in all significant applications. This business can also be done as an online business solution where buyers and sellers can come and showcase their cars. You can certainly start this with little cost of startup.

business idea, business ideas, startup ideas, new business ideas, business ideas 2021

Consult us for further details on the matter. We can create the website and online management solution for the same business idea.


There are different approaches to get into the gems business. Metalworking might be a significant necessity for this specific business. Diamonds industry is an industry which is highly complex but also deals with very high profits if you have an initial cash flow or a long-term credit line in place.

You must have the option to warm the metal to control it, and you need metal apparatuses to cut and engrave it. Regardless, there are a wide range of things you can work with to make adornments but still glass, plastic, spots, plums, and even wood, to give some more examples.

The broking business of rare gems is a highly niche and lucrative business idea. The margins even though being less are high due to the sheer value of transactions. For you to do well in the business, it is an absolute need for you to gain the fundamental understanding of the trade. You can start you journey through this course. You can also consult us if you have any further queries, jewels to sell etc. as we are into gem broking business.

Course: Easy Gemology- Fundamental of Gemology

business idea, business ideas, startup ideas, new business ideas, business ideas 2021 IDEA


Numerous individuals think it is hard to explore the web and achieve assignments that include Information Communication Technologies. Offering such administrations for an expense can be an extremely rewarding business. You can begin as little as your PC with a little printer that makes this thought of innovation fire up a definite bank. 

business idea, business ideas, startup ideas, new business ideas, business ideas 2021

Though this concept has been widely tested, there is still a need for high-speed internet and concept cafes with internet facilities. You can also integrate other services like gaming, data services and concept cafes to bring in value to the customers. Such concepts will work very well in areas with higher density of students. Get in touch with us for a business plan on the same.


As indicated by cafes, we mean business focuses that give clients food in return for cash. It does not need to be five stars. Many working individuals cannot manage or don’t have any desire to make hand-crafted food, particularly during the week to go to cafes. With the advent of food delivery mobile apps, concepts like cloud kitchens are on the rise and is very profitable.

business idea, business ideas, startup ideas, new business ideas, business ideas 2021

With margins of 30-60%, this is one of the best ideas in countries with higher food concentration of population and working population. The concept of food cafes has some initial infrastructure needs as well and thus has capital requirements at the outset.

If you wish to open a café, we are the best suited to cater to you as we have consulted many hotels and cafes in their business journey. Just write to us with your idea location and we will give you customized solution for your dream café and restaurant. We can also advise on franchise models for quick turnaround times for your business profitability.


Family units frequently have a brief period to think about their kid. Accordingly, there is consistently a requirement for humane kid care experts. 

It is a rewarding vocation alternative if you might want to be among the youngsters. In any case, before your center, make certain about the gathering of kids, you are happy to think about. 

As you gain insight, you can likewise open your own childcare office to think about kids and extend your business. 2021, is the year when parents go back to their offices, thus giving rise to a huge demand for child care centres during work hours for employed parents.

Highly inelastic demand can really help to bring in high margins in this business. Security aspects are must to be taken care of for the children.

business idea, business ideas, startup ideas, new business ideas, business ideas 2021

Running such a centre is low-cost high return centric business venture and can be highly profitable. We can consult you in detail on how to setup a centre and all cost, business, strategy and operations planning that you would need to start. Consult your now and start your own centre.


You can likewise open a cooking school to prepare individuals who need to get familiar with the ropes. You can bring in cash with this business food thought. It may be a little shop, a bread kitchen, or an eatery where understudies can learn as you oblige the clients’ genuine necessities.

Cooking school is a brilliant way to work for housewives through their home. Food channels and schools have high loyalty factor in its customers and thus it can certainly be a long-term profession.

business idea, business ideas, startup ideas, new business ideas, business ideas 2021

Look at some of the courses pertaining to cooking schools and food recipe courses


Weddings will never stop, so this is the evergreen business. It would be best to be comfortable with all the innovative components of a wedding and design patterns accessible, dress styles. Give your customers a full administration menu, from assisting with picking blossoms, wedding outfits, and bridesmaids to picking a scene and recruiting a chief. Before you go into business, set yourself up for each dull and overwhelming errand you can do. 

Wedding planning is an event that will never fizzle out in its demand. Due to it being a one-off event, families and couples love to go all out in their preparations for the special day.

business idea, business ideas, startup ideas, new business ideas, business ideas 2021

This creates a high demand industry with less overall players. For you to initiate this, we can provide a detailed market research in your geography about the current stance of the industry so that you can uniquely place yourself in the industry. You can get in touch with us on the following Platform.


In the online world, sites are dealt with equivalent to resources or offers. You can think about beginning a business as an arbiter among purchasers and dealers of sites. By utilizing your business site, you can permit purchasers to browse an assortment of accessible sites and spot their offers to buy a particular site. You will get an attractive commission on deals for every site. 

business idea, business ideas, startup ideas, new business ideas, business ideas 2021

You should visit Flippa – A Buying and selling portal for online businesses. You can do two types of business with this:

  1. Building your own platform for business to buy and sell themselves.
  2. Buying and bettering a website to sell at a profit: This is tougher than it looks but its just like rebuilding an old bike and reselling at a profit after upgrading.

Do consult us, if you have a business to sell or intend to buy a business. Contact us


Great nourishment is the main thing in our lives and light of current circumstances. As a food, menu, and nourishment organizer, you can work with cafes, cooks, cooks, and even schools to help individuals capitalize on a decent and adjusted eating regimen. Notwithstanding, the proper specialists should ensure you before beginning this business.

This is for the fit

You will need a certification for this. The best source for the same is International Open Academy, it provides a lot of courses and valid certifications for them as well. Check out this course on Nutrition. Apply for it and start your nutrition journey.

Course: Diet and Nutrition Management

business idea, business ideas, startup ideas, new business ideas, business ideas 2021


This requires tolerance as it includes watching the fish develop from a finger to the correct size of raise. You should ensure that the lake is reasonable for fish consistently.

For those of you near a coastal area, fishing in today’s era has become a very profitable business if done on scale. This is due to the wide array of manufactured goods that use fish and thus need processing in different stages. Fishing is a time-tested industry and works well for export-oriented units as well for processed canned fish.

Here is a course on Flyfishing that can be your Ultimate guide.

Course: Fly Fishing – The Ultimate Guide (2020)

business idea, business ideas, startup ideas, new business ideas, business ideas 2021

If you want to start a plant for fish processing. Contact us so that we can consult you on the business plan and strategy for the same for your geography and country.


Raising chickens is a tedious undertaking however the prizes are extraordinary because you are not just bringing in cash by selling a genuinely necessary winged animal, you can likewise rake in tons of cash by selling its eggs. Among different thoughts for new companies, this is unquestionably an advantage.

Just like fishing, poultry farming is now not just limit to eggs and poultry but all types of processed and cold storage-based chicken products. Huge capacity farms are created for this and most companies initiate this to focus on export-oriented production.

business idea, business ideas, startup ideas, new business ideas, business ideas 2021

Contact us for the business plan and strategy for the same for your geography and country.


You do not need to focus on and turn into a woodworker to benefit from the furniture business. You can fabricate a furniture business where you submit explicit requests at nearby carpentry stores. 

This industry has to very distinct types of clientele:

  • High Profile Elites
  • Low cost manufactured goods demand

business idea, business ideas, startup ideas, new business ideas, business ideas 2021

You need to make a decision as to which niche you will be catering to. It is naturally more costly to create the high value furniture due to the high cost of raw materials involved but it also has higher margins. Modern designs are also a big concept that is being looked into by companies and such manufactured goods can be a very important segment with quality of housing facilities growing across the globe.

If you want to have a detailed business plan on this business, please let us know and contact us, and we will consult you in all aspects of this business.


By buying into Uber or Bolt as a driver, you can take in substantial income. On the off chance that you have your vehicle, the taxi business is the best payer that can bring a consistent progression of cash as essential or auxiliary work. 

With the advent of car rental services apps, the business of owning cars, renting them out to drivers and sharing profits has become a trend with the opportunity seekers, even though it is not as profitvalbe as it was in the early 2015, it can still make very high stable profits if done correctly. For this the owner will have to plan out the cash flows perfectly and project all finance, costs and revenues.

business idea, business ideas, startup ideas, new business ideas, business ideas 2021

Contact us for a detailed plan for Car driving rental business if you have a decent budget to initiate a business.


Notwithstanding having a saloon, numerous stylists earn enough to pay the rent. This is one of the most imaginative startup thoughts that can put you at the bleeding edge of the crowdfunding rivalry. With references and arranging, these stylists can get together with six customers in their homes each day. The more haircuts you can progress admirably, the greater your customer will be. 

Loyal clientele can be built in such salons especially focusing on women through membership-based discounts systems. The placement of the salon is also key to its success and the number of similar businesses in the vicinity.

business idea, business ideas, startup ideas, new business ideas, business ideas 2021

We can thus advice you as to the business plan for Salons, including location analysis, focus factors and unique pricing strategies to build your clientele.


Stock administration isn’t the most remunerating thing in straightforward terms, it is one of the hardest systems. However the 21st century has brought in great demand in the warehousing, cold storage and logistics industry due to the impact E-commerce has created on global economy.

Regardless, stock administration can make things straight and simpler to manage your stock. Stock administration is a basic piece of the exchanging industry. One can compose stock, solicitation, and co-work with this plan. A moderate stock administration application answer for Android, iPhone, and web applications to oversee business deals and stock data on a cell phone can be really profitable.

Inventory management solutions with integrated warehousing and shipping services makes it simplified for companies to manage their inventories through automation and work on a more leaner value chain models.

business idea, business ideas, startup ideas, new business ideas, business ideas 2021

This is a highly capital intensive industry with high margins based on constant business liassions. If you wish to initiate such a business and have th ecpaital for the same. We would love to advise you on all the factors that need to be focused upon. Compliance, shipping, costs, revenues, registrations and other pricing policy decisions will be covered.

You can contact us here or on Fiverr and ask for our consultation


Water is sound, and the table water business is fit as a fiddle. It’s anything but a misrepresentation to state that you can collect a great deal of cash by selling table water all alone. Individuals give higher consideration to what they put into their bodies. Furthermore, with the trickiness of faucet water rising, table water deals have never appeared well and good making it a reasonable food business idea.

Bottling of water is a very high margin business in the ranges of 30-40% and thus can give you significant growth. The supply of drinking water is very limited and restricted to only a handful of players. Setting up a unit and branding your own water with a USP can give you access to a market where even if substantial value is not visible currently, the value this business will generate 10 years down the line will be exponential.

business idea, business ideas, startup ideas, new business ideas, business ideas 2021

If you want any consultation, on how such a business can be started and a business plan for the same. Please let us know and we shall help you out. I


There are many ways and ideas for someone to grow and prosper in 2021. We are always on the prowl for great business ideas, so if you have something on your mind and want us to cover it here, please do write to us in the comment section here.

If you want consultation on an idea not covered here, you should certainly get in touch with us through the Contact us Section. You can also write to us at for any query or thoughts you have. Always happy to help.

Business and Strategic Consultants – Do I Need One?

A company’s strategy is essential in achieving business success. Since it lays out the guidelines to perform, it identifies lacunae in the existing operations. A strategy links to its merchandise, cost, distribution procedure, kind of marketing, procedures, or the folks who compose the organization.

In an age of disturbance, a strategy is much more significant than ever. We provide innovative solutions that have helped tens of thousands of organizations develop and implement winning strategies across all geographies and industries. We have been a strategy intended leader for 5+ years, delivering unrivaled skills, resources, technologies, and ability to each engagement, augmented by an ecosystem of best-of-breed partners who offer technical experience.

Ruskin Felix Consulting helps businesses attain a practical approach for their strategy, helping them set priority aims in their plan by initiating a new action or changing their typical industrial and business actions.

business, strategy, strategic consulting, consultant, consulting, Ruskin Felix

The strategic plan includes points of activity necessary to get the goals and aims, be carried out from the context where the company works and with the tools available.

In strategic advertising, we have to identify what our customers’ current and future needs are. Locate new markets, identify and appreciate the possible target market segments for your business, establish the pursuits our company might have in these markets, find what route to follow when looking for new opportunities, etc.

What is a Business Strategy Consultant?

A business strategy consultant helps business owners or organizational leaders with decision making about their business strategy. We know and will direct you through the procedures that can allow you to decide who you are, where you need to go, how you will get there, and how you’ll measure success.

Our Services:

Check out our Business and Strategic Consulting Services:

  • Business and Finance Consulting
  • Strategic Planning and Consulting
  • 360* Startup/Investor Deck Consulting
  • Market Research
  • App & Web Development
  • SEO and Marketing
  • Digital Marketing
  • Strategic Consulting

Do I Need One?

Leaders make many choices daily, but strategic planning decisions concentrate on allocating unique resources (money, people, time) to attain their organization’s desired objective.

business, strategy, strategic consulting, consultant, consulting, Ruskin Felix


A direction consultant/strategic planning facilitator can help you figure out which particular strategic initiatives will get you exactly what you need and which ones will be directing you away from what you would like. We work together with you and your staff to determine what those items are via market research, competitive analysis, scenario planning, and expert experience.

Even effective associations will gain from working with a facilitator, particularly if they’re working towards continuing development, optimizing staff performance, or growing board leaders.

We worked with a company frequently experiencing a 10-20% increase year over year; however, the economic climate changed, and their expansion became stagnant. They wanted to understand what was occurring, plan and strategize for future situations, and produce a flexible strategy to adapt to the current industry. Dealing with external consultants has other advantages also, such as:

  • Obtaining staff onboard and aligning your strategy – this is crucial for subsequent execution.
  • Setting strategic goals and quantifiable goals to understand what success looks like for the company and your staff.
  • Locating opportunities to distinguish you from your opponents to produce a more precious value proposal.
  • Looking in your systems and processes to locate improvements that will support future expansion.
  • Performing a cost/benefit analysis to find out the best chances for growth.
  • Making strategies to gain new market share or protect Present market share


Thus, it is key for businesses to understand the need for consulting and the value of good strategic decision making in a company. Home page 125x125

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