Project – Wetra – Blockchain

Ruskin Felix Consulting LLC partnered with Wetra to prepare a whitepaper that highlights the project overview, background, opportunity, challenges and competitive analysis. The report details the solutions with respect to the channels marketplace, trade display, feedback and rating, exchange interoperability, fiat connectivity, stop-loss protection, expert portal, rewards and incentives. The report also emphasizes on the token topology which comprises of the subscription fees, token discounting, and trading fees. The report provides details of the business model, marketing and technology which is important to understand the scale of operations of the project. 

The Wetra platform provides users the ability to enjoy cryptocurrency trading based on following experts according to the expert portfolios and tips. Experts set up channels and users subscribe to the signals that allow them to trade and benefit from the knowledge of these experts. Unlike other trading platforms, the users don’t need to learn about each cryptocurrency and make their own assessments — rather they can simply trade according to the signals of the experts to get similar results. Unlike crypto index funds or algorithmic trading, the Wetra platform provides a variety of assets. Users can subscribe to multiple channels for different portfolio allocations.

The Wetra is a non-custodial platform, which means that Wetra does not hold any user funds on the platform. The traders and participants use their already existing wallets and cryptocurrency exchanges through an API connectivity that allows the Wetra platform to connect between the channel signals and the existing portfolios of the participants on the platform. This also eliminates all custodial risk from Wetra because the platform doesn’t operate as an exchange itself. Platform users get to continue with the wallets they already have, and use decentralized as well as centralized exchanges.

Wetra allows users to stay with the exchanges and wallets that the users already hold. Wetra does not carry any custodial risk, because all trades are implemented through the users’ accounts on the centralized and decentralized exchanges that they already use. Users maintain full control of their cryptocurrency assets and wallets, and simply pay monthly subscriptions for the channels they choose. The channels broadcast signals to the Wetra users, allowing them to manually or automatically execute trades that copycat the experts they follow. Wetra recruits top crypto experts to the platform by providing them an easy and direct way to create extra income. Experts receive 80% of the subscription fees, without any need for additional advertising, promotion, or creation of online products and courses. The best traders receive additional monthly rewards for their performance.

WTRA shall only be made available for purchase through its token sale or on the secondary exchange market. Wetra will create 500,000,000 (500 million) total WTRA.

Project – Survival Civilization – Blockchain

Ruskin Felix Consulting LLC partnered with the survival civilization to prepare a whitepaper that highlights the industry overview and provides us a brief of the game. The report sheds light on the business model, revenue model and the survival civilization gameplay. The report tries to explain the tokenomics, token segmentation, and the coin circulation plan. The report emphasizes on the token summary by explaining the token utility, NFT marketplace, and the gem coin utility. 

The game Survival civilization is a real-time, multiplayer and 4x strategy game (Explore, Expand, Exploit, Exterminate) set in a mirroring world. This game also has some simulation elements. It has both strategy and adventure modes. The players will start the game on their real Map based on their location preference in the signing up process. 

Their Vision is to change the narrative of Real-time strategy games completely. We plan to execute this vision by focusing on integrating the blockchain and mobile gaming industries. Their primary goal is to deliver customer satisfaction in terms of visual quality and special features in the game. They also aim to integrate this into a blockchain-based metaverse environment and thus, they want gaming to be a source of entertainment and income for everyone involved.

Survival Civilization will initially be available on iOS and Android and will be released in 2023. In this game, players will be able to implement their strategies in a highly engaging RTS-based game with resource management, a dynamic trading marketplace and socially focused overall gameplay. Players will also be able to interact with the game mechanics and earn and utilize NFTs across the game as assets and earn use and trade tokens in-game to create a self-sustaining economy.

The project will look to reward players for playing the Survival Civilization game through in-game rewards and earnings. Players who continue to stay engaged with the game and create further assets will be able to earn the $GEM coins in the game. Each level increase, up-gradation of structures, and winning the bounty will help the player earn $GEM coins. These detailed actions will be outlined in the gameplay.

These coins will then be convertible to SVIC token, which can then be used by the players for all token utilities, including but not limited to:

  • Buy and Sell Land Assets
  • Buy and Sell Secondary NFT assets and collections
  • Stake the NFT assets
  • Stake the Primary SVIC coin

Project – SolGods – Blockchain

Ruskin Felix Consulting LLC partnered with SolGods to prepare a whitepaper that highlights the SolGods platform, concept and the project summary. The report shed light on the project plan by laying emphasis on the NFT staking, Lottery system, Faction war and building bases. The report talks about the tokenomics and business model by providing details of the sources of revenue, coin distribution plan and the roadmap for the project. The report provides details of the core platform modules which comprise of the integrated P2E platform, inter-connected NFT collections and the NFT marketplace. 

The Sol Gods NFT collection is a set of NFTs that have been launched in the market to build a strong community that holds, earns, and grows through the engagement and development done on the NFTs and its Platform. The company will look to also create an exclusive NFT marketplace for itself, which will enable users to transact with the other unitholders and community for buying and selling transactions. The company also plans to launch 2 further collections, ensuring adequate flow and hype to sustain further community engagement on the Platform. The collections that have been launched are as follows:

  • SolGods
  • Fractures

Gods and Fractures can be sent to ‘meditate’ (In effect – Stake). They can be sent for 1 month, 3 months or 6 months. The more extended periods are incentivized by yielding a higher staking return rate. All Pay-outs will be made weekly – for 7 days.

There will be a lottery available to all NFT holders every week twice. All token holders will be able to buy a ticket in the same by utilizing $GOD tokens. The lottery winners will have the opportunity to earn NFTs from the other Launched collections (Bridged & Forgotten). This lottery will be conducted twice every week. The price for the ticket will be 100 $GOD token. The project will also continue to add further value additions in the lottery. Gods and Fractures go into ‘Meditation’ to earn the gaming token, $GOD. Users can pay $GOD to send Bridged on quests. Bridged will return after 5 days (25%). In return, The Bridged will have a bounty of gathered items. 

Some of the key sources of revenue for this project are as follows:

  • Digital Assets Sale – NFTs: The digital assets sale of all the NFT collections will be the initial form of revenue for the company. This will also include the overall fee being expended to develop these NFTs through missions and quests on the Platform.
  • NFT Minting Fee: NFT assets can also be created by developing and minting NFTs. To mint these NFTs, the owners would need to expend a particular value of tokens. This will be referred to as the NFT minting fee for assets.
  • Transaction Revenue – NFT Marketplace: All transactions through the NFT marketplace will be charged with a set fee of 3% a transaction fee. This value will then be put back into circulation through the liquidity pool or taken out of the overall token supply.

Project – Polyworld

Ruskin Felix Consulting LLC partnered with Polyworld to prepare a whitepaper that highlights the Polyworld ecosystem, challenges and risks involved, the game overview, and the lands & metaverse. The report sheds light on the poly token, stakeholders, and poly revenue streams. The report provides a detailed market overview, creature collecting game market, creator/build game market, and player market. The report emphasizes on the tokenomics and explains the financial viability of the project by understanding the funding, poly tokenomics and the roadmap for the project. 

Poly World is a metaverse where players can build, own and monetize their gaming experiences using POLY, the game’s utility token on the Ethereum blockchain. They are a team with an expert background in building games, web3 products and communities that will grow Poly World to one of the biggest names in the Blockchain gaming space. What we aim to do with Poly World is to offer a metaverse in which players can fight, train and trade their very own Polymons. If you were wondering what this will look like, similar products would be games like Pokémon and Zelda. Gamers can earn POLY tokens for several of the actions mentioned above. 

Poly World’s solution is being a game that’s as fun to play as Pokémon and Zelda, combined with decentralized ownership and a play-and-earn aspect. The player on the blockchain will fully own each item purchased or acquired. In addition to owning their items fully, the player will also be able to earn POLY tokens that have real-world value. To actualize the concept that Poly World has regarding decentralized ownership, blockchain technology, and NFTs will be used. Combining two of the fastest growing markets; gaming and blockchain technology will ensure long-term success.

The Poly World ecosystem will be built upon poly tokens. These tokens will serve as a basis for all transactions within Poly World. It will have many uses, such as:

  • Staking: Holders can stake their Poly tokens on their Poly World land. This will allow them to receive passive income in Poly tokens. This staking process plays a vital role in the in- game economy.
  • Purchasing goods and upgrades: Certain in-game items and upgrades will be purchased with Poly tokens.
  • Earning: Players can earn Poly tokens by completing certain in-game activities. We are going more into detail about the ecosystem later in this document.

All revenue earned in the form of POLY will be split into a ratio of 50%-50%. Half will be allocated to the company’s treasury for reserve and operations funding, while the other half will be given to the Foundation to empower the ecosystem and development. Poly World is aiming to raise around $2,500,000 during multiple public sales through selling the first pieces of land and allocation of 10% of the total supply of POLY. The public rounds will be done through an NFT and token sales. 12% of the token allocation has been reserved for the rounds. There shall not be a soft cap; therefore, there will be no returns from the funds contributed towards the project. 

Poly World will allow players to finally get the gaming experience that they’ve been looking for in the NFT space. An open-world game like Pokémon with all the significant aspects of NFT gaming and blockchain tokenization. In the upcoming years, this game will be developed and improved to avoid making the same mistakes that led other similar projects to fall short.

Project – Priymus X Cerulean

Ruskin Felix Consulting LLC partnered with Priymus and prepared comprehensive investor documentation, IM, Whitepapers, Decks, strategy and the composite tokenomics and financial model for the for their idea of the future of video streaming. The report emphasizes on the mission of the project, the problems associated with the streaming platform, and the solutions for the play-to-earn model. The report sheds light on the unique selling proposition, market opportunity, customer journey, the partners and the tokenomics of the Cerulean tokens. The report also sheds light on the project roadmap and the coin distribution and segmentation. To understand the viability of the project, the report also provides details of the application of funds and the methods to build coin utility.

At Priymus the mission is to create forever memories for their subscribers through innovative captivating live and on- demand content that is Al curated to connect based on their personal interest. At Priymus they reward their loyal viewers with token-based gamification and aim to be an all-inclusive streaming experience.

There is no streaming platform in the market which allows users to enjoy films, television shows, music videos, live concerts and special events in one place. They must subscribe to various platforms and pay different subscription fees for each platform. 

  • No one platform – There is currently no one platform which allows users to enjoy both live and video- on –demand content in one place.
  • Pay multiple subscription fees – 58% of Americans subscribe to more than one of the big three streaming services.
  • No similar existing business model – a business model where one gets paid to view content and get real world utility of the tokens doesn’t exist in the market. 

Unlike the traditional model of watching television, Priymus will change the landscape of content consumption by allowing our subscribers to be rewarded for their time. Priymus has a unique view to earn business model with real life token utility and crypto integration allowing users to mine coins while consuming content. The platform will record the number of hours to award Priymus tokens to viewers.

The Priymus platform and Cerulean Tokens are the two central pillars that sustain the Priymus ecosystem. The Priymus Tokens will reward to the user for viewing content on the platform which can be redeemed within or outside the ecosystem.

  • Priymus – Priymus will create their own content or license it from its partners to provide its users with the best quality content.
  • Platform – the platform will record the time the user spends watching the content.
  • User – the consumers will be able to mine token while watching the content. 
  • Exchange – the coin can be traded for other currencies on their partner exchanges through their wallet.

The Priymus Network will continue to develop solutions that will enhance the value of the token and the utility for the coin. This will be done by providing various market measures to boost stability, utility and usability of the coin.

Priymus will continue to expand its userbase as per its projected roadmap. It will also enable users to build an ecosystem and community based on content viewing and engagement. The key costs for the platform will be Marketing, Licensing, Production and IT Costs for the platform. With its launch due in December 2022. It is expected that that the platform will reach more than 100k+ users on its platform within the first 1-2 months and is currently valued at $50 Million at its Seed round.

Project – GoFungibles – Metarun


Ruskin Felix Consulting LLC partnered with Gofungibles (Metarun) and prepared a comprehensive valuation and tokenomics report alongwith their whitepaper documentation highlighting the business model and tokenomics which emphasizes on the initial revenue, transaction revenue, and NFT marketplace. The report sheds light on the financial viability of the project by analyzing the financial assumptions, cost variables, channels revenue computation, crypto projected valuation. The report is a detailed study of the primary game revenue projection, NFT marketplace revenue projection, cash flow analysis, and coin distribution plan. 

Gaming Platform – The Goal is to create a virtual gaming realm where all users can play an interface-based game and buy and sell NFTs that they collect through their journey on the game. Key Features include:

  • A user can choose a can buy assets in the game through playing and will be paid to play the game through various modes and incentives.
  • He/she may choose to trade the NFTs amongst other users
  • The NFTs will also be available in-game and in the NFT marketplace of the company.     

The NFT marketplace will be the key component of the game with the underlying transaction currency being the coin the company has issued. The modes of revenue will be primarily a blanket fee on the gross transaction value

The Key features of the NFT Market Place Include:

  • Assets/NFTs Trading features
  • Sale and purchase of levelups and other value adds for the related game
  • NFT auction and resale functionality
  • Specialized auctions with tie-ups with artists and creators

The NFT Marketplace will also include in game transactions for leveling up and getting assets in the game. The company will charge a fee on the platform on the gross transaction value.

The gaming based NFT Platform should thus be marketed as a community of enthusiastic gamers with a virtual reality and gaming-based experience. The platform’s internal currency will also become prominent over a period due to the operations and usability of the Coin on the platform. The Goal will be to integrate with various exchanges and act as a community-based platform in the initial phase.

The firm’s overall value is expected to be $2.95 Billion by 2026, inclusive of the underlying Coin. 

The business does have the risk of imitation and replication by exchanges that are already active and thus, market share needs to be increased faster through marketing and brand integration strategies. The business has a substantially high IRR, but similar projects on the Cryptocurrency Universe are in line.

Project – Prometeo Blockchain


Ruskin Felix Consulting LLC partnered with Prometeo chain system to prepare a whitepaper which highlights the Prometeo and its ecosystem. The report also shed light on the market issues, overview and market analysis, marketing strategy and the PROM and ecosystem tokens. The report details the overall coin distribution and the tourism and logistics of the project. The report explains the financial services and the use of an alternative time certification system. The report explains the development strategy and roadmap along with a comparison of Prometeo with existing platforms. To understand the viability of the project, the report mentions the regulatory, technological, financial and industry risks involved. 

The purpose creation of Prometeo is to create a technological environment, Prometeo it’s also looking at the environmental sphere thanks to its innovative Proof of Unity consensus gear, reducing waste in terms of hardware, raw materials and energy. As we have seen recently the environmental impact interest due to a growing attention from the regulators to reduce used energy in the blockchain mining, (some countries are planning to reduce the power supply to mining farms and discourage the creation of new ones).

Today, the world of blockchain is increasingly present within people’s lives. We have blockchains in business, in medical, health, insurance, banking, finance, and gaming. However, blockchains are still distant from our daily life. In many instances, the common user’s idea is that blockchain is just a tool for financial speculation to send electronic transactions. Prometeo Chain System mission is to change this paradigm and indeed bring blockchain and its infinite applications in real life. 

The covid pandemic has not stopped the blockchain. On the contrary, the market has matured. The research of the Blockchain & Distributed Ledger Observatory in 2020, has detected indeed a slowdown, but this slowdown is mostly due to the phenomenon of new projects being announced to be dropped (almost 80%), despite the implementation of concrete projects that has instead recorded a growth of 59%.

The project set to be launched in 2022-23 with its own integrated blockchain offerings.

Project – Dirty Secret Cats

Ruskin Felix Consulting LLC partnered with the dirty secret cats and prepared a whitepaper highlighting details of the DSC gaming platform. The report sheds light on the characters, features & Attributes, rarity, and the gameplay & design of the game. The report emphasizes on the concept, marketplace, membership club, DSC token, business model and the tokenomics. To understand the viability of the project, the report mentions a detailed launch plan and the project roadmap.  

The year is 2140 and the end of the world is here. Bitcoin has been fully mined and the humans have fully migrated to Mars. What’s left on Earth are the ruins of cities and the street cats who have begun to plan a war to control the 7 cities of the world. Some humans had predicted this and had planned for an NFT-based possession plan for these street cats. Each race has its own powers, and each NFT has its own attributes and strengths. The key to winning is the control of the 7 cities.

The NFT Collection is staged in a post-apocalyptic world where the human civilization has moved to Mars and has entirely left earth. The stray cats left behind have now taken up arms and are now fighting for control over the earth. The collection will have an Initial set of 9999 cats. The focus of the NFT collection will also be to create a gaming community that will enhance the level of engagement of the NFT holders. The first stage of the project involves the launch of the primary NFT collection – Dirty Street Cats.

The Project will be backed by the Dirty Street Cats NFT Collection and will have its minting fee and transactional fee as sources of revenue in addition to the in-game revenue post the launch of the game. 

Digital Assets Sale – NFTs – The digital assets sale of all the NFT collections will be the initial form of revenue for the company. This will involve the Primary collections – Dirty Street Cats as well as the Secondary assets – Weapons, Skins, Powers etc.

NFT Minting Fee – NFT assets can also be created by developing and minting NFTs. To mint these NFTs, the owners would need to expend a particular value of tokens that they earn through the gameplay. This will be referred to as the NFT minting fee for assets and upgrading fee for secondary assets.

Transaction Revenue – NFT Marketplace – All transactions through the DSC NFT marketplace (to be launched in Phase 2) will be charged with a set fee of 3% the transaction fee. This value will then be put back into circulation through the liquidity pool or taken out of the overall token supply to manage the overall supply.


Ruskin Felix Consulting LLC partnered with the Succulenty to prepare a game design document which highlights the game concept, game pillars, architecture, and gameplay elements. The report also analyzes the UI/UX of the game, the mechanics, the in-game environment and the core drivers for game mechanics. The report provides a clear understanding of the interface highlighting the key aspects of the game while providing an audience assessment, overview of the gaming industry and the key aspects in gaming. The report is also focused on crypto integration and coin management. It provides a clear understanding of blockchain development while highlighting a coin supply plan. 

The game is an engagement-based gameplay with multiple modules for the community to interact and build further assets in the game through actions and engagements.

There are two primary modes in the game:

  1. Adventure (Campaign) Mode
  2. PVP Mode

There will also be a community module – Global which will enable players and participants (bystanders) to interact, build communities inside the game and visit other players assets within the globe.

The core concepts that the game is based on are:

  • Blockchain 
  • Non-Fungible Tokens 
  • Play-To-Earn 
  • Primary Token 
  • Staking

The priority for integrating with various exchanges is very high. The company should focus on integrating with as many exchange APIs as possible as that will limit the competitors and create a barrier to the entry of new entrants. This will also apply to fiat currency integrations based on the region of operations. The project will have in-platform conversion capacity with various Fiat currencies, stable coins. The Primary coin will also be listed on various exchanges, and markets for easy convertibility. These exchanges will also include exchanges like Uniswap, Coinswap, Binance, Coinbase etc. The Goal of the project will be to increase visibility and tradability to various exchanges, trading pairs and geographies.

The NFT marketplace will be integrated with the game as well as a complete web software to handle all in-game transactions. The primary use of the marketplace will be the following:

  • Buy, sell, trade and auctions for Primary Land Assets
  • Buy, sell, trade and auctions for Primary Succulenty Assets
  • Buy, sell, trade and auctions for Secondary Succulenty Assets
  • Staking of NFTs – (Land, Succies)
  • Staking of Primary Coin

Tiny Astro

Ruskin Felix Consulting LLC partnered with Tiny Astro to prepare a comprehensive strategy report and a smart contract review. Tiny Astro’s team requested that Ruskin Felix Consulting LLC design a detailed renting and leasing mechanism for the platform as well as the review and audit of the Smart Contract. The report also highlights the financial viability of the of the project by laying emphasis on the cost variables, revenue computation, projected valuation of the crypto, NFT revenue projection, and cash flow analysis. The report also shed light on the coin distribution plan and the value based on the circulation of the coin.

Given the opportunity to review Tiny Astro Project’s smart contract source code, we in the report outline our systematic approach to evaluate potential security issues in the smart contract implementation, expose possible semantic inconsistencies between smart contract code and design document, and provide additional suggestions or recommendations for improvement. Our results show that the given version of smart contracts is ready to launch after resolving the mentioned issues, there are no critical or high issues found related to business logic, security or performance.

During the first phase of our audit, we studied the smart contract source code and ran our in-house static code analyzer through the Specific tool. The purpose here is to statically identify known coding bugs, and then manually verify (reject or confirm) issues reported by tool. We further manually review business logics, examine system operations, and place DeFi-related aspects under scrutiny to uncover possible pitfalls and/or bugs. We have so far identified that there are potential issues with severity of 0 Critical, 0 High, 0 Medium, and 2 Low. Overall, these smart contracts are well- designed and engineered.

In this audit, we thoroughly analyzed Tiny Astro Smart Contract. The current code base is well organized but there are promptly some low-level issues found in the first phase of Smart Contract Audit. Meanwhile, we need to emphasize that smart contracts are still in an early, but exciting stage of development.

Tiny Astro NFT based SaaS platform should thus be marketed as a community of enthusiastic NFT holders who need automated services for NFT collections. There should be tiers for difference value additions. The company should also look at raising the funds based on the overall valuations and cash flow projections. A key aspect of the project is the supply management, and the company should use the logic to create an automated BOT to manage the prices of the token. Tiny Astro smart contracts were also successfully reviewed, and the various errors diagnosed and highlighted should be corrected by the development team. The firm’s overall value is expected to be $197 Million by 2027, inclusive of the underlying Coin. The business does have the risk of imitation and replication by other already active platforms. Thus, market share needs to be increased faster through marketing and brand integration strategies. The business has a substantially high IRR (312%), but similar projects on the Cryptocurrency Universe are in line due to the initial capital raised through NFT based asset sale.


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