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Some of the clients that we have worked with in the past 6 years in varied role, responsibilites and poistions. We mostly looked into business conuslting, audits, wealth management and strategy. We have also been tied up with many intstitutions for investment banking and private equity operations of our firm.

Reserve Bank of India

Statutory Audit for RBI of 9 departments for a period of 3 years.

Departments included:

  • Dept. of Foreign Exchange (FED)
  • Dept of Banking Operations & Developemnt (DBOD)
  • Dept. of Information Technology (DIT)
  • Dept. of Currency Management (DCM)
  • Depositors Education & Awareness Fund Cell (DEAF)
  • Dept. of Banking Regulation (DBR)
  • Dept. of Banking Supervision (DBS)
  • Rural Planning & Credit Dept. (RPCD)
  • FEMA Regulations

European Space Agency (ESA)

Worked with management closely to construct and implement Strategic plans in the ESA organisational Structure:

  • Strategic Plan for COVID-19 response and Impact Assessment
  • Strategic Plan to make an Innovation centre and Lab for Technological advancement, Innovation & Development and continuation of new programs

State Bank of India

External Statutory Audit for a period of 2 years, responsibilities including but not limited to:

  • Overall Financial Audit as per Ind AS and accounting guidelines
  • Income recognition and Asset provisioning (NPA management)
  • Assessment of all Sections of the balance Sheet
  • Risk Management Assessment
  • Information Systems Audit
  • Foreign Currency Exposure and Translation risks
  • Head office and Regional Centres Audit
  • Financial Liquidity management assessment of the Bank

Merrill Lynch

Worked with the Private Equity and Investment banking Division for Capital Financing and Investment Opportunities for the following investments:

  • Investment into a Online wallet and E-commerce Platform
  • Purchasing of a Fully built and licensed Wallet in India
  • Investment into a Art house for auctioning/private sale purposes
  • Investment into HR outsourcing based startup
  • Block sale of shares of a National Exchange in the OTC Market

Christie's Auction House

Working closely with the Art Appriasal and Valuation team to critically appraise the value of items of private collectors and collections and setting them up for private auctioning after proper licensing, certification and valuation.

Pawanhans Helicopters Ltd.

External Audit and Assessment of the Defense Company. Responsibilites included but not limited to:

  • Statutory audit assessment
  • Assessment of Technical valuation of all defense equipment
  • Auditing all revenue and expense items including depreciation computation over the life of assets
  • All Risk and IS based assessments


Internal Audit and Assessment of the Indian Telecom Company. Responsibilities included but not limited to:

  • Internal audit and Risk Assessment assessment
    Concurrent audit of all Units: South, Central, AU, LC-T1, North, IUC-TRG.
  • Valuation of Fixed Assets of the company periodically
  • Auditing all revenue and expense items including depreciation computation over the life of assets
  • Assessment and reporting of all revenues and transactional expenses of the company

IIFL Group

Portfolio management and UHNI wealth management srevices including broking, real estate transactions, Promoter stake sale, OTC and Debt market instruments and Distribution of AIFs and PMSs.

RVS University

Capital Raising assignment by way of Structured Debt and Private Equity Transactions to the tune of $53 million (INR400 cr)

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