World’s First NFT Collection with Underlying value and real world Application – CuriousNFT Club

Building the first-ever community of investors through the CuriousNFT Club gives holders the value they deserve. An opportunity for investors to grow their earnings as the club grows. Creating new opportunities in the world of venture capital and NFT

Ruskin Felix Consulting LLC is proud to announce the launch of its maiden NFT collection – CuriousNFT Club. With 2000 unique pandas, the panda collection is set to create a community of investors and venture capitalists that will enable the company to build into a Cryptocurrency and metaverse behemoth. The collection has been made available through a partnership with Opensea and the base price for the collection has been kept at 0.1 ETH

Opensea Collection – CuriousNFT

The club allows members to get involved in Multiple businesses in Crypto Universe, Metaverse, AI, and Healthcare through options of Co-investing. The goal is to provide an NFT collection with an underlying business model with rewards and access to events and an exclusive investor community.

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