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What is Healthcare Consulting?

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Healthcare Consulting Services and provision of advisory services in the healthcare industry.


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Healthcare consultancy aids organizations in navigating the industry’s common problems. These advisory organisations could be major consulting firms that specialise in a certain area of healthcare.

They can also be highly specialized enterprises that solve a specific area of healthcare difficulties, such as the difficulty of handling payor contracts.

Many actors in the healthcare business, particularly providers, have a limited knowledge of the benefits healthcare consulting firms give and why healthcare consulting is vital.

Indeed, healthcare consulting is especially crucial for providers due to the difficulties in balancing patient care with typical commercial operations.

Here is a concise reference to what is healthcare & life sciences consulting, as well as its most significant aspects, to give providers with a complete picture of the healthcare sector & life sciences consulting market.


A healthcare consulting firm acts as a third-party counsel contracted by a specific healthcare player.

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Every healthcare facility may hire one of these consulting firms to help increase organisational capability, including

  • Hospitals, doctor’s offices, and other healthcare systems and facilities are examples of healthcare & life sciences providers.
  • Insurance corporations and government agencies are examples of managed care organizations and payors.
  • Pharmaceutical firms
  • Pharmacies
  • Medical equipment manufacturers

A healthcare consulting firm’s role is to increase efficiency, revenue creation, and structural improvements.

This can take numerous forms, with new specializations emerging in the healthcare & life sciences consulting industry:

  • Strategic planning
  • HR and people management technology implementation
  • Legal and regulatory issues
  • Marketing
  • Specialists in contracting
  • Revenue and reimbursement specialists

All of these sectors within the broader healthcare consulting field exist to help management make better decisions, hence enhancing the organization’s profit potential.

Healthcare consulting firms often work on a project basis, which means that a healthcare institution will contract a consultant or a team of consultants to complete a specific task.

Ruskin Felix Consulting provides comprehensive advisory services which lead to cost savings, better supply chain management and fuel innovation in the healthcare space to help healthcare organizations with experienced professionals in the healthcare system.

Senior managing director, Ruskin Felix Barar says “It is our endeavour to help healthcare organizations and pharmaceutical companies to provide consulting services with actionable insights and expertise to enable growth and be the expertise providers in the industry.”

However, some larger healthcare organizations may be able to keep a consulting firm on retainer and obtain continual evaluation and advice services to improve performance over time.

This is especially true for large healthcare organizations that can afford to hire a large number of consultants.


medicine, pharmacy, healthcare

In many ways, the healthcare consulting business reflects the wide range of roles that characterizes the healthcare industry. There are different types of healthcare experts & consultants, providing healthcare consulting, each with their own area of expertise in the healthcare industry. Let’s go over each one in more depth.


One of the most dominant sectors in any consulting industry is strategy consulting.

These consultants are often generalists with great business acumen and in-depth understanding of the healthcare industry.

Strategic consulting in healthcare has two objectives in the field of healthcare consulting:

  • To create a strategic plan for a healthcare company based on deep knowledge and its primary goals, vision, and mission.
  • To prevent the organization from committing commercial mistakes or to address previous concerns on value chain, data driven insights, services and data driven solutions

Strategic consulting is typically focused on an organization’s growth and development.

Strategic consultants from some of the leading healthcare consulting organisations will evaluate all aspects of the healthcare organizations, including the following:

  • Finances
  • Relationships, both external and internal
  • Management and employees Business model
  • Performance in the past
  • Forecasts for the future
  • Mission, vision, and values of the healthcare organizations

Because strategic consultants provide the most comprehensive examination of a healthcare company, they are commonly regarded as a one-stop shop in the industry and can serve as the foundation for contracting additional specialized healthcare consulting services. Look at some of the services that we provide in Strategy consulting at Ruskin Felix Consulting.


Technology continues to have a significant impact on how every business runs, including healthcare businesses. Unfortunately, most healthcare players find navigating technological implementation difficult.

As a result, technology consultants play an important role in the management of healthcare organizations and businesses.

Technology consulting services have developed as a dominating field in the industry during the last decade.

As more healthcare organizations seek specialist knowledge on integrating technology into day-to-day operations, technology consultancy has strengthened its grip on the healthcare sector.

Within the industry, technology consultants play a variety of functions, including:

  • assessing the technological applications of an organization
  • providing guidance on IT deployment and system selection
  • putting in new systems and giving utilities advice
  • Keeping an eye on its implementation and offering team members support services
  • Digital transformation, change management, reduce costs and bettering the patient experience by reducing complexity and strategy to implement growth through healthcare consulting services.

Several technical advancements have altered the healthcare business in recent years, creating a strong market demand for technology consultants:

  • Medical record automation software
  • Technology for device integration
  • Platforms for machine learning and artificial intelligence

Because healthcare consulting professionals must comprehend and learn how to use these systems, they hire technology consultants to help them with this process. At RFC, we provide robust Technology consulting and would be happy to advise our clients on the same.


Healthcare firms, like any other business, must manage their human resources and operations divisions appropriately.

People management is becoming increasingly crucial in an era when job happiness and professional growth chances are constantly tied to performance.

HR and operations consultants are professionals at fostering a positive work environment as well as effectively managing personnel and hiring activities. HR and operations consultants play a variety of vital functions, including the following:

  • Creating hiring guidelines and approaches
  • Giving advice on professional development
  • Attempts at retention of employees
  • Promotions
  • Best practices for employee and corporate policy for diversity management training

Because good people management can have such a significant impact on a company’s overall performance, healthcare corporations are hiring these consultants to restructure their HR and operations departments.


The regulatory environment in which healthcare businesses operate is always changing (especially when it comes to US-based companies). Every organization must follow changing legal rules within a certain city or state, as well as federal law.

This can have a significant impact on how the company tackles day-to-day operations, planning, patient care, and much more.

To mitigate any potential regulatory or legal concerns, healthcare organizations collaborate with legal and regulatory affairs consultants, who are often lawyers or legal professionals, to oversee and implement essential changes.

A healthcare organization may keep a legal counsel on retainer to constantly examine the shifting regulatory situation.


The days of healthcare companies requiring little to no marketing are long gone. The healthcare industry has become increasingly competitive across all categories, requiring every healthcare business to adopt marketing strategies in order to remain competitive and retain patient flow.

Unfortunately, most healthcare companies have insufficient marketing expertise and skill.

As a result, healthcare marketing consulting has arisen as an effective vehicle for implementing marketing strategies within healthcare businesses.

Marketing consultants help healthcare firms with a variety of services, including:

  • Determination of any marketing requirements
  • Marketing strategy development Implementation and monitoring of the strategy across channels
  • Continued evaluation of the effectiveness of marketing initiatives

The length and extent of marketing consulting services vary according to the time requirements of these tasks.

Larger firms often use marketing consultants on a long-term basis, whereas smaller healthcare organizations hire them for specialized initiatives in the life sciences.


One of the most obvious challenges in the healthcare industry is revenue and contract management.

While major hospitals and insurance firms will have a staff in charge of handling the many aspects of financial management and profit production, most healthcare organizations will need short-term assistance to negotiate and manage financial systems including banking with affordable solutions. Both aspects of Risk are covered herein and are covered under our Risk Consulting Services here at RFC

There are two consulting fields worth noting here:

  • Contract management

  • Revenue cycle management

Contract management specialists will help healthcare providers manage the whole life cycle of contracts with payors, which includes the following tasks:

  • Each payor contract is examined by team
  • Recognizing billing codes
  • Choosing which contracts offer which perks and drawbacks
  • Contract standardization among payors
  • Better arrangements for providers are being renegotiated.
  • Staff education on how to deal with each contract to the team
  • Contract management process automation to provide affordable solutions to business complexity.

Revenue cycle management is inextricably linked and necessitates a thorough examination of reimbursement rules to evaluate whether they are equitable and how they may be improved.

What does a health care consultant do?

Health care consultants, like business consultants, help firms improve their procedures, increase earnings, and reduce expenses. Health care consultants, in contrast to business consultants, operate in health care environments such as hospitals, private practises, doctors’ offices, and rehabilitation centres.

Organizations use health care consultants when they need to solve a problem or make improvements. The consultant may study data and investigate potential problems in order to suggest remedies, which they may stay and implement or submit as recommendations.

While their specific roles vary depending on the needs of the business that hires them, health care consultants typically do the following tasks:

  1. Consult with top-level firm employees and offer presentations and plans to C-level audiences.
  2. Analytical skills should be used to identify any flaws or inefficiencies in organizational processes.
  3. Based on industry norms and trends, evaluate relevant practises and offer suggestions for improvement.
  4. Assist organizations in reducing costs and increasing income.
  5. Prepare business plans for organizations to adopt See changes through senior-level acting
  6. Prioritize patient satisfaction and safety.
  7. Create thorough reports and track progress.
  8. Create white papers based on your study.

Health care consultant salary and job outlook

Health care consultants earn more than the average pay and have a promising career outlook in the next years.

According to Glassdoor, health care consultants earn an average base income of $83,685 per year and an extra $37,397 per year in commission, tips, bonuses, and profit-sharing. The actual amount you can anticipate to make depends on your work experience, qualifications, expertise, and geographic region.

There are no official statistics on the job prospects for health care consultants, but data on related jobs indicates that the field will likely expand in the near future.

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), health care management roles are expected to rise by 28% between 2021 and 2031, resulting in approximately 56,600 job opportunities per year over the decade.

Other job titles for health care consultants 

Depending on where they work, health care consultants may have different titles. According to Glassdoor, here are some of the other job titles you can come across when looking for health care consultant positions, along with their yearly base pay:

  •  Health care management consultant: $69,170
  • Health care strategy consultant: $89,278
  • Senior consultant in health care: $95,092
  • Health care IT consultant: $73,873
  • Talent acquisition consultant-health care: $75,451
  • Nursing consultant: $107,218

Expand Revenue With Government Programs Consulting

Maximize revenues in Medicaid, Medicare Advantage and ACA lines. We at Ruskin Felix Consulting will advise in government program development and will assist with evaluating business segments and regulations and plan policies, procedures to train employees.


While healthcare consulting has established a significant market presence in all segments of the healthcare industry, consulting services are particularly appealing to providers.

Because providers frequently do not keep the competencies required to meet the wide range of business difficulties that beset the healthcare sector. Providers must strike a unique balance between patient care and business operations.

Historically, healthcare providers, particularly smaller ones, have been at a disadvantage due to the size and financial might of their competitors.

Healthcare consultancy has effectively bridged the gap by providing smaller providers with the tools they need to compete and remain profitable in the industry.

This is a direct outcome of the advent of many healthcare consulting firms in the healthcare industry that specialize in smaller healthcare payers and organizations and provide services that are both economical and suited to the needs of any provider.


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If you are a healthcare provider trying to increase revenue, negotiate better contracts, and better manage your workforce, collaborating with Ruskin Felix Consulting is the solution.

Ruskin Felix Consulting is a healthcare-focused consulting firm that assists customers in transforming their healthcare operations. If you wish to expand your practice and strengthen your relationships with payers, we can help.

Ruskin Felix Consulting is a healthcare consultant who can reinvent your practice provide advisory services to help you earn revenues quickly by utilizing the greatest technical solutions and the sharpest consulting services.

Solve operational, clinical, and technical challenges with vendor-independent consulting services that deliver measurable results to help optimize your business.

We are the top-ranked healthcare consultants in the region in 2022.

Contact us today to discuss your organizational difficulties and begin reaping the benefits right away! Our Senior managing director and healthcare consulting team would be happy to engage with our healthcare clients. Do check our Terms & conditions for guidance as well.

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